After Winning The Lottery . . .

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Here's the setup.  You won the lottery big time.  Bought a house at least twice the size of the previous.  How much of your "treasures" will you likely be moving to the new place?  None, some, all? 

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Don't think I want a house twice as big, but I would really like to move to the hill country in Texas. Have some space and have a nice shooting range like Hickok45 on You Tube. Probably keep most of my stuff.




Interesting question that I have thought just a bit about.


From my perspective, I think the best tact to take (personally) is the be the richest person that no one has ever heard of; dropping charity as my will/discretion vs everyone and their brother knocking on your door with their hand out.


Recognizing that Charity starts at home, my position is that the greatest thing the devil ever did was convince people he didn't exist.  Staying under the radar would be the new name of the daily game.





"Nothing beats a try, but a failure son"

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You can roam the hills and help tackle the problem of wild 2-liter generic colas.


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Wouldn't moving ALL of the Treasures to the new house be ideal? Many people say "bye bye," to the old house when they win the Lottery and buy new houses. And by "bye bye," I mean sell it away...

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Sometimes on ebay I waste an hour looking at foreclosures and hoarder houses wondering if there is anything worth having in those piles of stuff.  Trouble with much of my old stuff is it won't go with the modern new stuff, maybe I'd need to recreate the old house layout in the basement to visit if my brain starts to go off the rails. Wonder where the cats would hang out . . .


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I would put money into tiaa accounts,   corona stock, I have to see what else there is and if things are hot and awesome talk to some friends and a financial advisor of what is good to go for.   


I flip products too,  so I would all low cash offers and sell high.   If bearded picker can do it and an accountant can do it,  I can do it.  big box stores are horrible because they should give back more to the employees and not score big profits in their pockets.

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Personal stuff like the antiques, collections, family keepsakes,hobby stuff, protection items and some clothes get to go...The rest of it ??? Estate sale or free to a good home.

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Oddly enough the older I get the more minimalist I become. So while I would move to a new place the house would be smaller and easier to maintain. I would concentrate more on having land surrounding me where I wouldn't be able to see or hear the neighbors. 

Of course I'd have room for visiting friends and family but I have no need for a McMansion showpiece. I also wouldn't have a staff except for security guards and a phalanx of attorneys on retainer. 

Then again, if I was to bank over $200M after taxes I'd probably have a few different properties in various locales, all high end but not too large. 

And palm trees. Lots of palm trees. Gotta have palm trees. Sun Smiley

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Exactly SaraAnnRapp.   While I dont like modern design I dont want the "stuff" either so minimalist works for me too.  As I get older my tastes have changed dramatically.  An ocean view/front would be pretty great.  Palm trees and tropical flora however no Florida in any of my plans. 

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Most of us would take memorabilia especially their velvet Elvis paintings to their new house. But other than memorabilia my new larger house will new everything.

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Had almost managed to forget those sad eyed kids, clowns and hobos, paintings on velvet, oh and the angry bulls the list goes on and on.  Wonder if there are still artists painting on astroturf, oops telling me the spelling is wrong, suggests astrolabe.

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We are talking Long Money here.  Say at least 7 Million Cash after Taxes.

First Tear Down My Shop and Storage Shed and move my stuff into a Shipping Container that serves as a small Shop and Storage of the Good Stuff. 

Dust off a set of Plans, Evaluate them or Start a New Set. 

Get Permit and Hire a Contractor to Build My New House.

When House is ready, move in with new furnishings.

Grab what I want out of the Fort and Leave it to the Dogs.

Eventually Crunch the Fort, Load int a Dumpster and haul to the Dump.

All Taking Place on 5 Acres in Placer County, California.

I’ll be on the Front Porch, Smiling. Ah, It’s going to be beautiful.

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 I would buy a house 4xs the size of my former house, cause if you dont spend the jackpot on yourself, you'll end up giving it back to Uncle Sam in Taxes...

I'd take family heirlooms and etc...but probably would buy mostly new furnishings.... I'd leave all the food in the pantry and cabinets... cause if you take the time to pack that all up, that would cause all the ...... Ants... and..................




Uncles and Cousins and Nieces and Nephews to start comin outta da woodworks...!!  LOL


YEP..!  I'd be outta dere..!!


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