Happy Birthday to Bigguy5

Vergie6's avatar - villiarna

                     Happy Birthday to you Bigguy5!

                  Hope you get a "GREAT BIG" win today

       Thanks for all of the help you gave us over the years!


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Happy Birthday Bigguy5!! Best wishes for today.Party

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Happy Birthday bigguy

Vergie6's avatar - villiarna

I just want to tell everybody that Bigguy5 is 85 years old today!

I hope we all make it till then!

I know he won't mind my telling you this because last year he posted he was 84!

We all hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY today Bigguy5!

AND thank you so much for all of the help you have given me playing p3 especially when I

first started on LP back in 2008...I have learned the hard way that you were right about

everything you told me...I remember you told me I was stubborn & needed to listen to

you more and it turns out you surely were right so thank you!


Happy birthday Bigguy have fun

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Happy birthday've  helped me when I first started on lp... have a great day...

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Happy Birthday Bigguy5  I hope you have a great day and a great  win ~! 

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Happy Birthday Bigguy5, hope your day is a great celebration!

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Happy Birthday Bigguy5. Banana

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        PartyHAPPY  PartyBIRTHDAYParty


                       065 -- 085

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Happy Birthday, Bigguy5!Party

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Happy Birthday!

Have a good one and go buy a MegaMillion ticket on your big day.


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      Happy 85th Birthday Bigguy5 may you have many more to come..



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Happy Birthday Bigguy5.  Blessings to you. Party

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            Bigguy5, Have a great day.

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