New Scratchers out and about...

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Have been sliding into some Stores:

$20- California State Riches- Nice Design IMO

$10- Cash Bonu$- Yep went / green colored

$1- 2 for 1- Make it count!


~Gg-keep the Peace- now more then ever~

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The new $20 scratcher has a top prize of $5 mill paid as a 25-year annuity. In fact, all CA scratchers with top prizes over a mill are annuities, such deceptive advertising they use to lure players. If you want a nice payday immediately, avoid all of the $20 and $30 tickets like wuhan plague. Also mind the stated overall odds -- they include the free ticket prizes. You need to click on the link to the prize sheet and do the math by hand to work out the cash odds.

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Have seen on Lottery Houses most have won big on $10 cards in their Lottery States.

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