Post Your Daily Florida Pick 3 Quick Picks

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This Forum will be for all Florida Pick 3 Players to post daily quick picks only

Try to post before each draw Mid & Eve.

Cut off times 1:19 p.m. ET for the midday drawings and 9:34 p.m. ET for the evening drawings.

Let's start today







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Midday QuickPick--------556

Good Luck, Chris

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In response to OneChunkKTown

thank you

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In response to chris632

thank you.

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My aunt 65 today am playing 556 065

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quick pick 071


Mid Qp 697 238 143

Eve Qp 445 621



  1. 9-6-4
  2. 5-2-8
  3. 8-1-3
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QP, 178

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In response to busmama

great number.  from a dream I had too.  thanks for posting.

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Eve qp's---630,512,785,106,645


When I suggested this idea a couple of months ago i got a  Nasty comment that we didn't need this kind of Forum... smh  If the shoe fits wear it! Otherwise don't respond

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In response to Pharm girl

No worry Pharm girl.  If people want to participate or no that's fine.  Just thought I would create of post like so people can look all in one place.

Thank you.

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In response to busmama


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