China's Shuang Se Qiu-Jackpot lottery game

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We have a jackpot game called 'Shuang Se Qiu' lottery game. It's a 1-33 red balls and 1-16 bonus blue balls.

Below is a screen shot of how it looks in Chinese:

The screen shot above is the latest draw. The game is drawn on Tues./Thurs./Sun.

Below is an example of the previous few draws.  Each game is 2 RMB.

For tonight I'm playing these:

Red balls:3-5-8-14-20-30

Blue balls: 1-5-7-10-14-16

Total cost is: 12 RMB

If you get only the Blue ball (bonus ball), the payout is 5 RMB.

Here's the prize breakdown:

I don't always play this game.

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6 14 4 8 17 30 33 12 18 24 32 15 22 27 31 7 5 3 1 2


For tonite...

Maybe a jackpot is there



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In response to Hans

Winning Numbers

060716222425 +13


6- 14 4 8 17 30 33 12 18 24- 32 15 22- 27 31 7- 5 3 1 2


4 in 20

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In response to Hans

Posting 20 numbers is useless in a field where there are 33 numbers to choose. You're not showing any skills. Do you know how much money you would have to spend to wheel these in any meaning way? A lot. What about the bonus number?  Posting actual sets to play is more useful. 

Prize breakdown:

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Prediction and investment are totally different.

if you are talking about buying one to ten tickets to win a jackpot, it's as useless however you choose your tickets. Random, constant, system, or any numbers from your dreams, birthdays, etc...

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In response to jackpotismine

Name of Lotto Site for China Games ?

If you can send me last 12 games drawn !

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This is the link for the latest several draws:

The most recent draw is at the bottom.

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My plays for tonight's game(5-26):



(Total cost 4 RMB)

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In response to Hans

Please keep your 'randomness,constant, system' theory to yourself. Post it on your own website or go over to where 'Dr. San' does his posting on this site. He's into all that crap. I'm all about actual sets to play within a reasonable budget. Your post is most unhelpful. 

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Next 3 Draws

8-14-15-26-28-31-32-33   (1) (3) (11)

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The prize breakdown you copy/pasted isn't correct. This page shows the recent prizes for ssq:

The top prize rolls over, the second prize appears to be pari-mutuel, and the lower prizes appear to be fixed, just looking at the past 20 or so games.

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

I didn't post the complete breakdown because who cares about winning 5 rmb/10 rmb? Actually winning 3 RMB/8 RMB since each game is 2 RMB. Notice in my other thread 'Da le tou' I only give the prize payouts for the 1st. & 2nd. prize which can be life changers. You can play the same numbers as many times and win the 1st. and 2nd. prize many times. How much you win depends on the total amount of funds available. Here's an example: Below there was 15 1st. prize winners each winning 6,276,646 RMB. Those 15 winners could actually be one person playing the same numbers 15 times. This is true for the other Jackpot games. In the same way you play the Pick 3/4 and you play one number 5 times or more you can do the same with these Jackpot games. Of course the payout deceases the more winners there are.

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You won't win even if you live one million years.

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In response to Hans

That's okay.  Gambling is a hobby not a job for me. If I  don't win a Jackpot I'll be just fine. Unless you are God you have no idea what my future holds.

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Results for 5-26: No winners for me.

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