A Tiger tried to eat me. I need numbers please. It was so real 😲🤷

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I had a dream last night a Tiger kept trying to eat my right hand I wasbtrying to get help from my husband and he wouldn't stop laughing at the level of my fear. Everywhere I moved the Tiger would follow. I kept trying to get him away from me.  My husband woke me up asking was I ok? I was so mad at him hell no I'm not ok.... You let that Tiger try to eat me and you thought it was a funny prank.
He was so lost telling me I was fighting in my sleep that is why he woke me up. I'm said yeah because THE TIGER WAS TRYING TO EAT ME and I went back to sleep

Thank you in advance for any input. Oh and No I didn't watch the Carol Baskin movie.

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Play your birthday and age

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I always heard it was bad luck to gamble money after a bad dream, but in some cultures tigers are lucky. In the Chinese calendar, the year of the tiger will begin Feb 1, 2022. A curious thing about tigers is that despite their size they have a relatively short lifespan, only about 20 years in the wild. (Mammal lifespan generally correlates to size.) Maybe you'll find some lucky numbers in these dumb trivia facts, LOL.

Sorry about the nightmare, but good luck to you.

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From the success dream book...Tiger***to dream of one denotes a misunderstanding,which lead to a fight. 563

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Tiger Cat***to dream of one,denotes a deadly  enemy 534"***

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Thank y'all for the input 😁

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