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I created a program that generates lottery bibles for Pick 2/3/4 for any given month and year. The bibles are generated from lunar and planetary cycles. All you need to do is select a heavenly body from the list, enter the month number 1-12, enter a year between 1600 and 2400, and select the type of Pick-N game. Then the program generates your lottery bible in a csv format. (A csv file can be opened with or imported into Excel or any spreadsheet program, or it can be read with a text editor like Notepad.) Here is a screenshot of the program in action.

You can make any number of lottery bibles with this program.

Currently, there are 17 heavenly bodies to choose from. I got very surprising results with a Pick 3 bible created from the settings Moon, month = 5 and year = 2020 for California Pick 3. You can use a lottery bible in many ways, the most common is probably as a followers system. Which heavenly body to use is up to you. Maybe you will get good results using one that has special meaning to you. 

If you would like this program, I can send you a download link via PM. Your copy of the program will have a unique identification number and password. This is simply to keep tabs on unauthorized redistribution and does not affect how the program operates. Please do not redistribute it. As I have limited time, it is first come first served.


sounds interesting. I would like a copy. thanks

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I also would lke a copy. Much appreciated. Thanks

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I would also like a copy please.  Any help in deciphering Western Canada's pick 3 would be a blessing.

Thank you.

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In response to Rakster

Your inbox is full so I couldn't reply to your message, but if you could tell me what type of device and operating system you are using, as well as the planet/month/year/game settings you used, that would be helpful. Thanks.

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Very cool and creative concept. I like the choose-your-own-adventure aspect of picking your own personal planet. I don't want to take up your time to make me one in case you're making only a limited number, I'm just curious how your tables are made.

Nobody seems to know how the other lottery bible tables are made, or even who made them. I strongly suspect most are randomly generated. (Not that that's a bad thing since the lottery is random too.)

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I would like a copy please

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In response to Rondelmor12

Rondelmor12, I tried to PM you the download link, but since you are a new member with too few forum posts, the system will not allow me to send you a message containing a link. The system will automatically upgrade your account status after you've participated on the site more. When you have at least one blue rectangle under your avatar (right now you have eight white/blank rectangles) then I can send it.

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In response to db101

Thanks db101. It doesn't take too much time to create a copy with a unique ID# and password, the requests are mainly coming in through the PM system rather than the forum.

I don't know how other people's versions of these tables are created, but mine are not random. They are 100% deterministic and derived from a mathematical formula that takes into account the year, month, game type, and cyclic behavior of the selected solar system object. I make no claim they work better or worse than any other system of playing Pick 2/3/4. As the disclaimer states, it is truly for entertainment purposes only.

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I would like a copy please

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I would like a copy please, thank you for sharing this.

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Can I please have a copy, I will appreciate it very much

I thank you in advance.

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In response to LOTTOMAN69

Unfortunately the system does not allow me to send a link to any users who have this under their avatar.

Maybe try in a few months after you've made more posts.

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In response to cottoneyedjoe

That's bad for new members. Lol I have noticed that a few months can also become a few years for newbies. More posts require to a lot of thinking as we Newbies don't want to post just anything that doesn't make sense.

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Would love to get a copy of this program please. Thanks in advance!

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