My Lottery Purchases! :D


Today's Lottery Purchases are  :D


Pick 3. 132 box. 132 box for about a week. 203 for about a week. 411 box for Midday for three days. 411 straight for Evening for 3 days. 864 straight. 


Pick 4. 2013 box for about a week. 3214 box. 42 front pair. 


12995 box Pick 5


50 Fantasy 5 Ez Match tickets.


One Mega Millions.

About 3 Lotto tickets.

About 8 Jackpot Triple Play tickets. 



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In response to Karen Nathan

You sure keep the lottery in business. I'm surprised you didn't include one of every scratch card too.

I hope you win something! Good luck, Karen.

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Karen Nathan, It only takes one Mega Millions ticket to score a big hit this Tuesday night.  With the annuity at $313 million and California's Cash Lump Sum at $157,374,000.00   It is about time for a Lottery Post Member like yourself to win big!

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Good luck!!!!


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In response to Karen Nathan

Awesome picks Karen, hope you win big! Hurray! Please let us know the results.


Today's Lottery Purchases are 70 Fantasy 5 tickets


10 Cash4Life Tickets


132 box for two weeks on top of the 132 picks I still have.




Sara, sadly they all lost :( Except for 132 box that still has 6 days left to win. :) I even played more 132 box tickets. :)

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In response to Karen Nathan

You must have won a little bit on the 50 EZ match tickets.

Better luck with the next batch!

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It's too bad you you lost on all those 50 EZ pick Fantasy Five tickets.

Perhaps you may have had better luck with wheeling the lotto numbers. 


This afternoon I bought:

(4) 5k a wk for Life scratchers

(1) $10 Monopoly scratcher 

(1) 500 Madness scratcher

(1) Fastest Road to 1M ticket


Tonight I will but

(4) cash4Life tickets

In response to db101

The EZ Match tickets only gave me 10 free tickets and $11.50. Those 10 free tickets are worth 3 free tickets. :/ Luckily, I still have 132 tickets to rely on.


Tonight's Lottery Purchases are


20 EZ Match Fantasy 5 Tickets($40)

20 normal Fantasy 5 tickets($20)

20 Florida Lotto tickets with EZ Match($40)

30 Pick 3 tickets($30)

20 Jackpot Triple Play with Combo($40)


Total $170. :)



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In response to Karen Nathan

Sorry to hear that. Sending good thoughts for your next batch. Fingers crossed! Thumbs Up

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For the lottery jackpot games you should wheel the numbers using Gail Howard wheels or others. You might have a better chance of winning. You sure got some set of *lls on you. Good Luck! I'm looking forward to hear of your big win.

In response to Karen Nathan


You don't see EZ Match as a ripoff to get an extra $1. The average win is $3.00 on EZ Match. I do play EZ Match on Florida Lotto, but I only buy two tickets with EZ Match. I'm testing it out right now. But it seems fruitless. What's your highest win on one play with EZ Match? Thanks

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