has anyone got to win the lotto through magick?




I would like to know if anyone has got important prizes through magick of any mystical technique.



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what a funny joke !

Buy a ticket or two you will have a great chance ...

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It all depends on whether or not you believe:

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Humans NEED a LITTLE MYSTERY. Factual information and reasonable  linear thinking alone are not sufficient to guide us through life’s labyrinthine tests laced with slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Shakespeare) We need and deserve regular deliveries of playful (non-toxic fun) uncanny revelations.Big Smile


I ask this as this is a forum about mystical subjects. There are people claiming to have won due to Law of Attraction, other through spells, meditation, etc. So I would like if there is anyone here having had success.

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Unfortunately, most of the discussion in this forum is about extracting Pick 3/4 numbers from dreams. It looks to me the best way to get a new metaphysical subject going is to start a thread about your own success using law of attraction, or post different spells you have tried and whatnot.

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Probably shouldn't be talking about this, but yeah I knew a guy once who told me a story of his aunt, who somehow someway, gave numbers to someone that they knew, and said here, these numbers are for you. But you must play them. They are only for you and will only work if you play them. He played them and he won. If memory serves correctly, I think it was for the 5 number game. Anyways, thats my story, I will not call any of these people any names by which magic they may have or may have not used , as two of them are no longer here, and the third one I haven't seen in over 20 years. But I used to know them. I do not practice magic, although my name may suggest I do. Adios

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I've tried 'Automatic Writing' and once I asked for the Pick 3 and Pick 4 numbers for that day. This was over 20 years ago. It gave me a pick 3 and pick 4 number. Wouldn't you know that in the evening the pick 4 number I got came out 'straight', but of course I didn't play it (I too lazy to go back downstairs and play). I haven't tried consistently anymore using automatic writing but you can give it a try.

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