California: SuperLotto winner. . . but where is he/she?

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Well, he/she just won it on Saturday, but a $28 million prize would make some folks anxious
  (ya think?).

Well, California Lotto would like to see him/her.
They're probably doing the right thing and consulting a Lawyer, or someone. 


Or like one story I read once - dude had his winning ticket in the laundry and didn't find it for awhile


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It hasn't even been a week and I wouldn't be surprised if they just waited out the full 6 months.

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Some guy in my state awhile ago waited until the last few days to turn up - despite knowing he had the winning ticket since day 1


I would have no such resolve LOL

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I think I could be patient while I got my ducks in a row but I wouldn't wait until nearly six months has passed to cash in the ticket. I'm not sure what the benefit would be of waiting that long. What?

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Thank you all for your comments.


I don't think there is a benefit - it just runs you closer to the deadline, where, if you're like me, you may forget to checkWhat?
Mr. Groppo

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Me neither, Kenny!

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I wouldn't want to miss out on 6 months worth of interest.  The lottery doesn't pay you the interest on it till you claim, do they?

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