Libra Dave

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Thinking of You Libra Dave.  Hope You are doing Well.  You are very missed!!Sun Smiley

Blessings that You are doing Well!!

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Dave, you are truly missed! Sending thought and prayers your way!

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HI   Jorli D

 Can  you  tell  me what  happen  to Libra  Dave  it  been  Years  since  he  been  on  LP ???    Thanks,  Bigguy5

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I went back on chemo 5/27/2020. The cancer has spread to my sternum or breast bone. I also lost 2/3 sight in my right eye from a blood clot. I haven't gave up, and I won't. Like a lot of you I have been house bound, only leaving for doctors appointments. My grown kids do all  of our shopping for us. I appreciate all of the prayers and well wishes. 

Good Luck Libra Dave 

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Thinking Prayers GIF - Thinking Prayers Thoughts - Discover ...

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Glad  to  hear  from  you.keep faith,  don,t   give  up,  keep  fighting,    God  Bless,

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sending continued love & healing prayers 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

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Libra Dave, I wish you love, peace & joy...


You are in my thoughts & prayers.

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Feel better man and keep fighting.


You and my Mother share a common fight - can't give up - keep truck'n.

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Continue prayers for you and your family, Dave!Lovies

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You are in my Prayers Dave.

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Stay strong!

Libra Dave.

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I continue to lift you up in prayer and spread the blood of Jesus over you and heal your body!!

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