ga dream help 5/18/2020

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first dream I was at my niece house her name is Hannah, and the guys asked if we were going fix dinner  she went in and made a sandwich and said I made mine . lol then me and my hubby were fixing have sex and someone knocked on door.

dream 2  I went to a lady named Melba's house which was made out of a shipping crate for a tiny house, I remember telling her it was so cute and I thought about doing one with 2 stacked. then her daughter Wendy came in to get her baby, me and hubby John is his name, were walking out the door and Wendy stopped him and said can you fix the soles on these shoes , he said no but Alan that has a shoe store can.

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LOL I can't tell you what 4-digit sequence to play, but dang lady you have the most vivid dreams. Do you drink some kind of special tea before you go to bed? As I was told by an old psychic friend, just look at the numbers that stand out in your dream: 2. Play some combo with a 2 in it. Good luck!

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no, no special tea's i have always had good dreams, I used to dream that my body was flying . I flew over paris, the civil war battle field and up to the BIG Ben clock.. I dont know why but I have very vivid dreams

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