Scratch-Off Winner's Story

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Hope everyone enjoys

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Good story.  Humble and appreciative of his good luck.

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In response to zephbe

Thank You CDanaT for this enlightening post. I agree with zephbe. 

 This winner emphasized getting a financial advisor, CPA, a Trust & Estate attorney. 

 He asked the CPA about taxes.

 He definitely caught a break and handled it well.

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Crazy to believe a $10 million win on a scratch card - but then again my state has nothing near that high.

I am not really a scratch card player - but I know from looking in the case even buying a $20/$30 card only has the top prize of $200,000-$500,000.

Congrats to him.

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Thumbs Up Good winner story. Still don't think I would ever buy a $30 scratcher, though.

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