cole34 show how hit pick 4 lottery guarantee


Every one is at cole34 show.  You want win big you at right place. What my secret numbers. I want every one united state all city to win pick 4. I am not a robot or a wizard. I do no voodoo I will perform voodoo on pick 4 lottery. First thing you came to greatest show cole34 show so pat yourself on the back. You want win big or just want win you at right spot.  This one my no no rule. If you here looking for system win every day you at the wrong place. You can excuse yourself out cole34 show I pick my pick 4 number by data. I go this in minute how many people are gone hope still 22 people or more.  I like have little fun before starting. I look this year data last year data 2 years ago data it point at double 99 on pick 4 and second double numble number. Here pick 4 rule catch the lottery. I am doing this off my fire tv i can not go back change any thing. My niece got my labtop for work. Back pick 4 if you had a number say 9012 how this worth 50 cent box 100 dollars. 9901 value of 50 cent box 200.00 dollars. 9900 quality 0f 50 cent box 400.00 dollars.  This my number. Say 400X 5= 2000. So you have add 2·50 to your game to win 9900 for 2000 dollar box. 9900 50 straight 2500 dollar straight. 9900 50-50 box staight 2900.  9900 2.50 straight box 14,500.00. This why people stay on one number take yourself lottery headquarter my number coming out their double both number before i give you my here one last example. 9900 10.00 straight box you are bet 20.00 dollars you win 250040,00 . This why you play one number wait until it come out. next rule play your budget.  9900 50¢ box for 30 days 15.00 so for one year  180.00 . 9900 50-50 for a month 30.00 dollar in one year 360.00. now 9900 5 dollar straight 5 dollars box for month 300 dollars one month in one year 3600.00 dollar. 9900 10 dollar straight 10 dollar box in one month you lose 600.00 dollars in one year 7200.00 dollar lost lottery. I am just saying play wise. My number are guarantee win this years in your city.  What made start playing lottery my father seen down play number I just 16. Know ask for id if they do go on another store. My father past away age 81 5 year ago my mom past away 2years ago I came back to my parent house take over the house. It like father look down on me say my son playing my numbers at same lottery place yes I am playing for my self it still feel like play lottery for my father. I am now 51 year old my mom past away 2 year 81 years old let get my numbers.  9900 9090 9009 0099 0990 9911 9191 9119 1199 1919 9922 9292 9229 2299 2929 9933 9393 9339 3399 3939 9944 9494 9449 4499 4949 9955 9595 9559 5599 5959 9966 9696 9669 6699 6969 9977 9797 9779 7799 7979 9988 9898 9889 8899 8989 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999. These are my guarantee lottery numbers I want all 50 states hit big but play smart I do now. check out my lottery post tomorrow to see if your city won  thanks coming cole34 show

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