000 050


Had a dream I walked in the store and looked at the lottery board and it had 000 posted as the midday drawing and 050 as the same day evening drawing Sun Smiley lets see who gets it!!! GoodluckDrum

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Tue, May 12, 2020TennesseeCash 3 Morning0-0-0, Lucky Sum: 0
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In response to PstvEnrgy

Wow...I should have played 050 lol

Good luck! 💰💰💰💰

In response to plshelpme

Cool Congrats to you guysParty

In response to SweetRed83$

Hey Sweet thanks they haven't popped it for us yet...maybe tonight...Goodluck to you as wellCheers

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In response to PstvEnrgy

Girl...forgot all about your dream. 050 played in Florida...I missed out. Even had a dream about giving 5 tennaged girls a ride. Still missed lol! Something bigger is coming for us! Stay blessed doll! LoviesThink 050 played evening as well! Wow!!!!!!

Good luck! Blue Angel

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