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We all have Dreams and Desires and that's what makes us human. The most common one we have is the Wish to win the Lottery Jackpot. I guess at a certain point in our life's we all Wished and Prayed to win the lottery ONE DAY. We can divide them into three groups.

Group One: This is all the people that play the lottery with the hopes to win it ONE DAY, and keep on motivating themselves with the words "ONE DAY IS ONE DAY". Some of them will use their last breed money to play with Big hopes, but then keep on losing.

Group Two: The small portion of LUCKY people who's wishes and prayers came true. The lucky numbers appeared to them in some kind of Mysterious way and they won the lottery.

Group Three: This group is very complicated, that we can categorise Group three into subgroups example: Group 3 A, Group 3 B, Group 3 C and so on.....
This group are not just playing with wishes, prayers and luck, they have discovered some kind of patterns and strategies on how to drastically improve their chances of winning.

Those who are reading this may wonder why did I write this post or some may think that I'm crazy. This post is all about "Group 3" the Elite groups on LP. At a certain point in your LIFE, you have also experienced or found yourself in the same Clueless situation that each New member finds themselves on the LP. I want you to take a moment of silence and try to think back when you started on LP. At that stage, you did not know what know now. You were humble and curious to know more in order to increase your winning chances by all means.

Please don't forget where ur coming from, so whatever opportunity you get to help someone in need, help them don't be judgemental by saying they are Stupid or Asking Stupid questions. Remember there was a time in your life where you also felt stupid or someone told you that.  So let us not try to destroy each other's dreams and desires of that ONE DAY IS ONE DAY. Please let's respect each other and also help where we can.

Best of luck to everyone who has read this post and wishes that ONE DAY IS ONE DAY maybe very soon.

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In response to Wit24

Well said.  Thumbs Up

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In response to grwurston

Thanks Grwurston, I appreciate your response and for reading the post with an open mind.

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In response to Wit24

When I was a newbie here I had a bunch of questions, and I was just learning to use a computer at the time also, so I had questions about that too. But people helped me out and it was much appreciated. Since then, I've tried to pay it forward.

We were all lottery newbies at one time, but sometimes we forget that. Please show some patience with the newbies. It was shown to you at one time and that's how we all learn. Not just with the lottery, but with anything. Yes Nod

Good  Luck!!!

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In response to grwurston

Yea, I remember, .. You were the only one that warned me not to post links, or get suspended by the system.. and I replied..

"Thanks for lookin out for usnewbies"...Thumbs Up

.LOL..accidentally got suspended anyhow, trying to post my first lotto ticket..

Can't describe the same help from some well known others..!!.. and their gang increases as readers incrementally get the wrong message from reading other's wrong assessment of past posts..

But I brought my desires here with me, didn't get it here...that may have been the culprit...


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Thanks again Grwurston, your response made my day. I started to doubt myself on asking any other questions or help. The thought of asking stupid stuff keep on replying in my head.

But anyway I'm still living to learn for another day.

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Hey Stat$talker, it looks like it happens to all the newbies. I also got suspended recently for trying to send links. Lol that's when your paths cross with the admin Todd.

Thanks this cheered me up.

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In response to Wit24

LOL  You too?..

I'm glad it cheered you up.. Heck, anybody can accidentally commit a cyber Boo Boo..Thumbs Up

..especially if you're not use to whatever the process is...I guess it's a form of an LP initiation..!!

All I was trying to do was post an image of a lottery ticket...

Todd was cool though... I apologized..

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In response to Stat$talker

Yes me too. Todd also understood when I explained myself.

Best of luck and take care.

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In response to Wit24

Here's the link to the "Reminders For New Members" that led to your troubles.

Newbies, (or anyone) please read this!!! It will keep you from getting suspended.

Maybe Todd could pin this again since we have so many new people joining LP every day.

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In response to grwurston

I agree it's a informative thread for all newbies, it's a must to read this to avoid any suspensions.

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In response to Wit24

Once you get rookie status, ie, the first blue bar under your avatar you can post all the links you want.

If you click on Forums in the blue bar, and scroll down and click on help, then click on the FAQ's it explains how the blue bars work.

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Hey Wit24, welcome to the Lottery Post. Most people are friendly and helpful here. I saw the thread where someone was getting on your case because you didn't understand his dumb and convoluted system. I have discoverved that some hardcore players here are very superstitious and touchy about their systems. Don't take it personally. Smile

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In response to grwurston

Thanks Grwurston. I just read the FAQ's for the first time with the intention to fully understand it. 

Rankings is not a big deal for me. If I can learn more about how to improve my lottery playing strategies that would be awesome. 

This would be a step closer to my desire of ONE DAY IS ONE DAY.

Best of luck to you and take care.


Group 3 can be described as...

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