Hitting the Jackpot is an accident (waiting to happen)


When we hear the word Accident, the first thought is almost always pain or death and destruction of some kind.  We hear about these tragic Accidents every day.  On rare occasions we can find the word Accident associated with a Discovery.  Scientific History contains many accidental discoveries that have greatly improved our lives leading to a product that becomes an essential part of our daily lives.  Google “Accidental Discoveries” and you can find lists of products form medicine to everyday appliances that were found by Accident.

In many of these cases, the researchers behind the discovery wouldn't call their finding a true "accident," since it took a prepared mind to follow through and turn that discovery into something useful.

After many years of creating or plagiarizing “Filters” in Excel Workbooks, I am convinced that WHEN I win the big one it will be by Accident. 

My Excel Workbooks all use a Series of Filters with limited options that are applied to each position to create a pool of numbers and a Second set of Filters that are applied to the combinations resulting from the position filters to reduce the Sets to a number to potentially play.  The problem is that the Filter Values required to get the correct number are about as Random as the draw itself.  In fact, it takes at least 2 Filter selections per position in the Draw to include the winner in the output with a manageable inventory.  Take any Game, Count the number of positions and multiply by 2 and you have the number of Selections that must be correct to hit the big one.  For Jackpot Games like California Super Lotto hitting the big one requires at least 12 correct selections just on the position side. 

At this point, I have several systems or Tools that allow me to pick filter values and get combinations.  Picking the correct filter value is the problem.  Looking at graphs and statistics and trying to guess what will be next is just not working.  When I get one right It is almost always by accident since there is not real logic that always works. 

That leads me to this statement. 

WHEN I hit the jackpot in the California Super Lotto game it will be the result of a collection of 12 Accidents on the position side and 1 on the Combination side.   

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Granted I have not won a jackpot yet - but the times I have gotten close - I remember one time very specifically:

I had a particular method to come up with my numbers, after I saw I hit 5/6, I went back to see which numbers it was I used to hit - 

Come to realize I made some errors in using my own method - I should have not have had those numbers - but because of my mistake I got close.


I have always felt the same way - whatever method I use that comes up with numbers - not that I found "the secret method" but that I would just happen to accident into a win.

So I live my live my life trying to make as many errors and possibly accidents as possible LOL


Just kidding - but I do think the big hit (for me) would be a good chance it would not be intentional - 

My time spent trying to figure out the next move has seemed cold lately - I guess I need to change things up - but not sure how yet.

Just hope to be in the right place and the right time with my dollar.


Thanks for the post - glad I am not the only one who thinks like this.

In response to Unlucky-Kenny

Thanks for the Response Kenny.

Here is the List of Accidents for Last Nights Super Lotto Game in CA.  Without a Combination Accident the Wheel produced 220 Combinations.  Included was the Jackpot along with several other good hits that would have changed My Life. 

Score  Zone875670
Row - ColOffOffOffOffOffOff
O EOffOffOffOffOffOff
Filtered Numbers by Position
349 37  
4 10 38  
5   39  
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Sorry about the close call.

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In response to AllenB

<snip> man!

Hopefully we can both accident our way into some life changing money soon :)

Can't even imagine the work you put into your excel system - maybe one day I will get there.

Good luck!!

Thumbs Up

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Thanks again.

No matter the game, each workbook set up is basically the same.

  1. Select a few filters.
  2. Track their History
  3. Calculate filter values for each numbers for the Next Draw.
  4. Select 1 or 2 Filters and their values for each position.
  5. Wheel the numbers by position.
  6. Apply a combination filter to reduce the pool if necessary.

It has taken a while but Every thing works except step 4.  By that I mean making the correct choice. 

I have suggested in the past that perhaps a few heads are better than 1.  By that I mean having several people select filter values and then combining some of them to make a set of values to wheel. 

Got a lot of Cricket Chirping but no interest.

In response to cottoneyedjoe

Actually, I did not play last night. 

I had a set of numbers based on my filter value selection that would have given me a solid 1 out of 5 and a whiff on the Mega Ball.  That translates to 2 out of 12 Accidents and a Zero Return.

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny

Sorry Lotto Post - didn't realize I couldn't say dang.


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In response to AllenB

I wish I was on your level to undertake that!

I am going to try to start looking into this and see what I find - I am a slow learner LOL

Maybe one day I can be on the team.


Best of luck to you man - I appreciate the post.

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In response to AllenB

Well, I wish you the best of luck in having a happier accident soon. With SLP I'm waiting until the cash value hits a figure so that the expected prize is equal to the ticket cost. 

What's your strategy with 2nd chance? Do you enter all your tickets at once for a single drawing, or spread them out over multiple?

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In my opinion, the greatest advantage of a good filtering software like Lotwin from the UK is it gets you out of the wheeling trap.  Once you get past eight or nine numbers, you're wheeling for a prize you're not wanting to win and just hoping to get lucky which isn't much of a plan.

Good filtering software starts with all the combinations, so the jackpot is in there, it's up to you to keep or discard it. 

Most filter software have filters with only about five or six choices and ten to fifteen filter to work with, so the odds are lower yet still high.  Think a game with six numbers per position with twelve positions played boxed. 

Most filters have several high percentage (likelihood) choices and several low percentage from below one percent to ten percent, like odd/even, low/high, etc.

Often some filters can be skipped when a low likelihood filter is selected because every draw seems to have at least one or more long shot filter that come in.

The problem is, the greater the need to filter down to a handful of combinations the less likely the winning combination will be in there.  A budget of hundreds per draw would have a much better chance allowing multiple selections within filters and others to be ignored.  If it were easy we'd all win a dollar share of the jackpot.

BobP Type

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A type of Accident commonly called Dumb Luck: The way in which something good happens completely by chance, without being planned or deserved. 


Blind Luck: Something good that has happened by chance. If something happens by Blind Luck, it has happened by a surprise chance, with no skill involved in the outcome.

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Also known as 'at the right place at the right time'.ROFL


hello ALLENB, we know that in lotteries statistically and mathematically
  we can only reach 75% to 80%, so the accident is within 20% 25%, remaining random. accident was the corona, the cure or the answer is inside the corona,
we need to go inside it and take a part of it, part to weaken it, for the immunity of each
  person do the rest

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In response to dr san

Shocked Excuse YOU Doc?...!!

Since WHEN, has MATH only been able to achieve 75 to 80 % accuracy?..!!.. at ANYTHING?

Statistics IS 100% ACCURATE details of what PAST HISTORYhas been,..that's why it's called "STATISTICS"... unless of course, your records are skewed..!!

No No Math is as accurate ALL THE TIME as it is ANYTIME..!! ,when applied to any process...

Since "Probability Math" is the intangible yardstick that governs and predictsstochastic events,.. it's also 100% accurate..!

Crazy But, how in the hell do you connect the Lottery with a Coronavirus?.!!

That must be some awesome peyote you're smokin,.. cause I've never known anyone smokin weed to go quite so Philosophically far out..!!

LOL Amazing..!!.. absolutely Amazing..!!


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