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Hello Everyone.   I play pick 3  in Texas, till now no winners.  Bought the book of Mr. Isaac E Nwokogba,  and planning to buy a book of Mr. Hans A Adhemar.  Does some of the members of the site knows these authors ?   Are them reliable, their methods work ?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  And by the way if someone knows a reliable method besides the ones of Mr. Adhemar and / or Mr. Nwokogba, please share.  In these times of the virus, when millions of people are jobless, including your  s truly, any method that could help to obtain some bucks, certainly would be very helpful.    Thanks .

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If Pick 3 is your game, go to the Pick 3 forum and follow the Texas thread, and pick up on what Ladyc743, deja vu, and others do. That's probably better than buying books from whoever.

Good luck!


Thank you for your ansewer.  Sure I m going to do that.   Best

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Any examples?

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I'm not familiar with Adhemar or Nwokogba. The best lottery ebook I bought in years is Boyd French's Pick 3 Probability and Smart Wagering. It's not a book that tells you how to pick numbers per se, it's really more of a lottery math book that explains the math behind all the add-on games and side wager plays in P3, and goes into a lot of interesting P3 probability too.

I used to have a physical copy of Bluskov's wheels, but I gave it away after I digitized the wheels that I used frequently.

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I have some of Hans A. Books

They seem to be out dated as of now.

Years ago ok.

But as always patterns always change with lottery I think.

They have to or they would go broke.

I have read alot of books on Kindle.

Basically all the same.

The only one that makes money is the people selling same as Steve Player

Good luck

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I would second the recommendation of Iliya Bluskov and Boyd French, they are mathematicians who just show you some math and rather than claiming to know what numbers to pick. But even better, if you have a strong math background, would be a regular textbook on discrete probability. Something like this book by Pierre Bremaud, "Discrete Probability Models and Methods: Probability on Graphs and Trees, Markov Chains and Random Fields, Entropy and Coding" The title is a mouthful, but it's a good book for learning some of the deeper math in discrete processes like random lottery drawings.

If you're feeling really adventurous, my favorite hidden gem is, which is a repository of pre-print journal articles in the fields of math, econ, physics, comp. sci., etc. Some have been already been published by journals, some are in the process of being published, and some may have been rejected. It's a mixed bag. A few days ago I used the search term "lottery" in the field of economics and found this paper

It's a mathematical analysis of lottery syndicate play. And this one in the field of mathematics

about the high frequency of consecutive numbers in 6/49. Being honest, none of the books and papers are going to help you win a lottery that is truly random, but I think there's value in becoming more mathematically literate by reading higher quality material. 

Best of luck to everyone.

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Here's another good one

It's a mathematical treatment of high frequency winners in Florida. Even though it's an academic paper, the authors have a good sense of humor.


hello  TOL, ion saliu pick3 e pick4

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