Where do you go to buy your tickets?

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I have heard of places in other parts of the country, that are just lotto shops, is this true?

Sounds cool and crazy to me!


For choices around where I live in Wisconsin we have:

Holiday (Gas Station)

Kwik Trip (Gas Station) 

Freedom (Gas Station)

County Market (Grocery Store)


In my experience - Kwik Trip is always a horrible experience for me - 

I can hand them a few play slips to scan and they always figure out a way to mess it up - some of the cashiers are nice and others are upset/rude if I ask for a ticket. They are mad I am asking to buy something - I am not handing them dozens of slips either. "Can I please have this 1 slip for $2?" and I get a huff and rolling eyes LOL

Often they will scan my slips, scan my winners, and when the transaction will end up owing me $20 they insist I owe them $20 until I explain their error.

I always am polite, nice and patient in the face of rudeness - but they push it sometimes.

1/2 the time they hand me a ticket they some how managed to shred one side into paper mache.


County Market - only place to cash a $500 ticket - they are generally nice - but the lines always a long wait to get anything there.


Freedom and Holiday seem to be the best - rare they mess something up and never angry you decided to buy something from them.


Do you prefer gas stations or a super market?

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I've been buying my tix at a little private owned c-store for years. They are very nice people. Every once in a while I buy at Tom Thumb grocery store at the customer service counter, but it's rare for me. They don't really get huffy, but it seems they don't want to be bothered. When I was working I would buy my work pool tix at another c-store near my work because it's on the way home. But the private owned c-store is my favorite.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

I hear ya!

If I won big I'd want the private owned store to get the bonus.

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For the longest time I ran my tickets at the local Piggly Wiggly.  Since then, new owners bought the store, now (a real bit ch) owns the store.  After she runs my tickets, she puts the playslip far to my right near the lotto machine, and the tickets near the cash register, far to my left.  I had to reach over the counter to retrieve my playslip and tickets.  After the first 4 or 5 times I stopped going back.  Now I run my tickets at the local BP station and cash winnings at the huge Woodmans grocery store. 

I guess those store owners don't realize they receive 7K for every winning supercrash ticket sold.

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Having more foot traffic to your store, possibility of getting a bonus on a winning ticket ..... - "You want a lotto ticket? gah! I'll make your life harder!" She sounds like she was a peach! Thumbs Up


If there was a nice one-off locally owned convenience store around me I would go there to give them my business - but its all corporate here.

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I've never run across a"lotto shop" before,..first I've heard of such..

But, I'd rather play at a mom & pop type store, for they'd have need for the prize money awarded from the sell of a winning ticket..trouble is, they tend to close way too early for me, since I usually play near cutoff time..unless it's Pwrball I'm playing.. 9:50p cutoff..

So, for the most part for me, it's a National chain store, or Gas Station... occasionally a Package Store...


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same corner store...

same corner store that I rode my bike as a kid to buy bubble gum and a pack of ball cards


Currently using a lottery vending machine, but when things get back to normal, I buy them at my favorite convenience store.

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny

If it's pretty clear they're trying to cheat you, then chances are they've been trying to cheat other customers too. You should contact your state lottery to make a complaint about that retailer. Most state lotteries have an investigative/security division. Good luck to you.

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I don't think they were trying to cheat me - they seemed more situationally unaware and lacking in .... brainpower than anything. 



I have one near me that is a lotto shop. It used to be a newspaper/magazine store that also had the back half filled with vhs tapes for rental years ago. 

I never stepped foot in the place for well over decade and now the back half is empty.  Front half that used to have lots of candy and newspapers/magazines is barebones.

But they have tons of scratchers rolled out behind the cashier more than I've ever seen anywhere else x 10!  They even have a table with pennies so people can sit and scratch.

Yeah it sounds cool but not really it's kinda sad and predatory.

The last time I went in there I asked about lottery bible if they had it and the lady who's always there at register said no and looked at me like I was asking something crazy. 

You're whole business is lotto b#tch!!!  Maybe you're the crazy one for thinking my question is crazy? Lol

I hate people so I love to use machines or fill out slips so if I have to deal with people there's no chance of them making a mistake and less chance of catching Corona cuz it's quicker.

I just lost a large amount due to cashier error so I'm still annoyed.  I did not have slips that time and verbally gave my numbers

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In response to Mattchu

Aw man that sucks! Sorry to hear about your loss!


I wish we had machines out here that could process my own slips - cut out contact with the cashiers all together -


Evanston or Rock Springs Wy.     I change up who I buy from:  Maverick, flying j, Kum and go.

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Someone on LP once posted about an actual lottery store in South Carolina.

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Most stores here in Albuquerque are good. 711 got bought out by DK stores and they are good.  Some clerk messed up on my tickets last night at a local circle K. Oh well .  Generally they know what they are doing but I show them how to enter the numbers on the keypad option instead of feeding the machine with a slip. Its faster. 



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