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For the state of Wisconsin this game is not the best cost to odds to payout ratio - 

$2 for 1 ticket - 1:705,432 odds to win only $100,000.

Texas has AoN with 3 draws a day, $250,000 jackpot - but odds are 1 in 2,704,156.

So what's better or worse?

However - I do enjoy playing it - however flawed I may be.

And this game has paid out well for me in the smaller prizes - $40 prize has not been too hard to achieve.

Slightly better odds to win $500 over SuperCash, but only by 3,000+ (and a lot of time SC has more $500 winners per day over AoN - but that may be due to more ticket sales, I do not know).


Again - Its more fun so its why I do it.

This game is soon to be drawn 2 times a day - I am looking forward to that.

But then again @ $2 a ticket that's just making my day more expensive LOL


I will never stop playing SuperCash, Megabucks, etc - Wisconsin had some good games!


Post any thoughts, numbers, rumblings, rants about this game below!

It's a tricky beast!

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I have never seen a streak in this game where it loved 3's so much!


I thought for sure my 2 would hit last night - was off by 1 to snag another $40 :(

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The one thing I cannot figure out - when it becomes 2 draws a day - do you play a certain set only mid to mid / eve to eve or just play the day?

I am not sure how to work that out - the relationship of the 2 daily draws - if I should consider both when making my pick or only tailor mid day numbers off of past mid days (what will be the soon to be formed past - since we have no midday's currently)

It will be something for this coot to figure out.

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1, 2, 6, 9, 14 and 20 will pop tonight so help me!

Lets see how wrong I am in 3 1/2 hrs LOL

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How much are you spending on each draw of this game? And how will that change when it's twice a day? Will you simply double the money you spend? Just curious. Thanks much. Smiley

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In response to SaraAnnRapp

I generally only play 1 number set a night - unless I am feeling frisky and play another set - if I cant choose between the two Smiley

I guess they are forcing me to double the money spent


It's okay though - I enjoy the game because of how often I get close compared to anything else I regularly play.

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny



I guess ill be quiet for awhile

Green laugh

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I thought only Badger5 was gonna be twice daily?? A couple months ago, I missed out on 200K by ONE number. Had two same sets.


When this game started, I really did not like it. Now, I play around $8 daily x 7.



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In response to whynot789

Same here!

Never touched All or Nothing for awhile - started to dabbled but nothing consistent.

Now I play it every day.


The poster I saw for the x2 daily games said : All or Nothing, Pick 3 and Pick 4 - didnt show B5.

If they did B5 x2 a day that would be amazing - only thing that wins on the regular - and with 2 draws a day could grow big faster.


Of course their website has zero info .... Sleepy

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For me a two dollar ticket is too much for a 100K jackpot.  The odds are 1:705,000.  I don't call it Nothing or Nothing for nothing.  LOL

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

I like "AllForNothing" better. Green laugh


(Of course if I win I'll change my mind about that name. Wink)

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I don't even really think about the $100k - this game is just really good for hitting the $500 - so its a fun pass time for me



Gotta keep hitting the $500 wins so I can fund the Megabucks run for years to come before it hits


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In response to SaraAnnRapp

I like All for Nothing.  Now that's funny.

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny

Have you won the $500 prize before? If so, how many times? 

Apologies if that's too personal to ask. I'm just curious as I don't know anyone that has won anything yet. No worries if you don't want to say. Smile

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In response to SaraAnnRapp

I have hit a few $500s which is nice - but if you added up all the times I have won the $40 prize it would be more than all $500 prizes combined.

I am always pretty happy with myself with a $40 win.


Need something fun to do now that the cash option for MegaBucks is $0.4 million



I do think its interesting how the majority of $500 winners and top prize winners for this game are matching 1/11 or 0/11 - and not the other way around.

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