Need someone to play lottery for me?


Because of coronavirus i can't go out and my parents won't let me because I have an immune problem, however I have a great system for my numbers and need to play ASAP. I'm in Florida and i can't play online, they won't allow it and the websites to play online have bad reviews about scammy practices. Where can i find a legit service to play for me please?


Sorry to hear you are in a tough spot. I'm in Florida too. Have you checked out thelotter dot com? You can access the site by going to USAMega then clicking Play Online.

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I don't get it.  Are you able to walk and are you over 18?  Then wear a mask and a pair of gloves, go to the corner gas station and run your ticket.

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Not hard to understand. He has an IMMUNE problem, which means he is more susceptible to viruses than a normal healthy person, therefore it's much more dangerous for him to be out and about.

Our little town's mayor, his wife, and 48 year old son all got infected. The son just passed away. This is not your run of the mill flu bug.

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If you have "a great system", it will work now, in May, in July, in December, etc,  after 2024. For time being, stay home and learn more, and do more practice of your system. 

And don't forget to share with us. 



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Yes, this is the best advice right here!  Why not spend the time at home practicing your system and using the Predictions Board to simulate playing.  That way you can see if you would be winning in reality, and if not, gives you a way to fine-tune your systems for free and without losing any actual wagers.

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👽more brilliant advice from our fearless leader👽

best of luck when you can get out & about 

just remember no system is 100% fool proof 

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Because of lockdown I was spending more time looking at my system and won more money than usual and I have spent more time developing my own system and in no time I am in Top 5 in NY pick 3 prediction board in all time and in last 30 day board 


Please share your love for Kansas thanks i sure need a win last win was first part of march

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I second that reply. Lotteries are not worth you going out and possibly getting sick.The lottery games will still be there when this is all over. Better to stay healthy and live to play another day.

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Which Game(s) are you referring to?

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I wish I could find a legit service to play for know, that one that picks the RIGHT numbers each week instead of the ones that I pick.


I am willing to help. I sent you a private message.

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