WI Badger 5 - 4/15/20

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Less than 6 hours to go until the draw!


No way this does not win tonight 

1 in 169,911 odds



And I am willing to bet its either won in either Amery, Milwaukee, Racine, New London or West Bend.

Why? IDK why - but those towns are always popping with winners, I should drive there to buy a ticket at this rate.


I have a few tickets - never seem to win more than $1 at this game....

I hope these QP's are good!

Bang Head


Good luck everyone - if you have not bought a ticket already, only a buck for decent odds.


If I win I am going to buy the Lottery Post Apron!

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Lets go!!!!

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"$179,000 Badger 5 jackpot win in Brandon on Wednesday, April 15!"


Congrats to whoever that was - never even heard of Brandon, WI before.

That's a pretty nice haul for B5.

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That seems to be the upper jackpot limit for B5 as it's usually won every couple days, sometimes by multiple players. Congrats to this big winner though! That's a great payday! Thumbs Up

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In response to SaraAnnRapp

Yeah once the jackpot gets close to its own odds (I think its 1:169, xxx) its usually won - although I do remember awhile go when it went to around $200+ something - none of my QP's were even close Sleepy


I wonder, for all the jackpots won (SuperCash, Megabucks, Badger 5, All or Nothing) in WI - how many of the winning tickets were Quick Picks vs selected numbers?







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Already at 39k! Good luck everyone.

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