Powerball Jackpot


Just thought it looked so weird seeing the Powerball jackpot sitting at ONLY $22,000,000.

It's like we're traveling back in time. 

Just weird to see. Been what seems like forever since seeing it.


Stay safe all and good luck!

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Agreed, very strange!  The last time it was this low was December 28, 2011.


It appears Powerball sales were stronger Saturday than megaMillions on Friday. Powerball jackpot was a fraction of megaMillions.

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Hey hearse,

Ain't that the truth.

I wish someone would change the channel! And not put us on Gilligan's Island either. I'll not make it on coconuts and morning dew.

Stay safe there and tell the kitties hey!

In response to Todd

[Sorry about that Todd! Was a long day and night. Will watch what I do better.]


Gah, that seems like forever ago. And just reaffirms me as to how old I am.




Stay safe there and best of luck!

In response to MsBee18

Hi MsBee1,


You'd think that would send the megaMillions a message that maybe something isn't right.

I've always preferred Powerball myself though, so it could mean nothing. Something just always "felt" off about the megaMillions game to me. Never could put my finger on it, but never did play it much.

Stay safe there and best of luck to you!


I've not bought lottery tickets since March 16th! Yikes! No Pity!

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In response to Greenfox

I remember a long time ago when I asked for a PB ticket from a clerk and they said "That will be $2" and I shook my head in disbelief "since when?" "since yesterday!". Then the older guy behind me blew up about the price hike he just learned about too - he had a stack of PB slips so his bottom line got hammered LOL

I miss the $1 PB.

I wasn't in tune with the news back then - I remember when Hot Lotto closed too. I always preferred the $1 game, but I think that was a lot smaller of a jackpot compared to PB.

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So, this isn't pointing fingers, or condemning, or arguing. But I was sitting here reading the threads about MM and PB doing what they're doing, and thought about scratchoffs. Yeah, kind of apples and oranges, but whatever.

People are up in arms about PB and MM being $2 a ticket, starting jackpots $20 million. Well, here in Texas, and I imagine quite a few states, there are scratchoff tickets that pay out $1 million, up to $5 million, or more. Those tickets cost $20 to $50 EACH. Now, I don't buy those, because dropping that kind of coin is Crazy.

However, how many people upset about PB and MM actually buy those high dollar scratchoffs?

Just wondering.

And, yes, I am aware of the difference in odds between the games and scratchoffs.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

I cannot stomach the big $20+ scratch cards - and with my luck I always buy from the store who only gets graced with losers.

I'm sure there are plenty who would rather buy 1 $20 card instead of 10 PB tickets - but I cant do it.

Id rather move to TX and play the 4 draw a day games Smiley


Does anyone think there is a difference between a) buying a ticket that could win "anywhere" or b) buying scratch cards from a store that might not have any jackpots even if you bought every single one?

Just curious.

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