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Guys I have been playing almost every day since new years, and I have to say they have shut it off in Tampa. The majority of 20$ tickets that I have  won on have been for the ticket price or less. I have never seen it this bad. I have tried many different retailers all with the the same results. Is it just me or have any of you seen this trend?

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I don't play nearly that much, but lately it does seem like many wins are "break-even" (ticket value) prizes.

ION, we got our new rottweiler from Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue over near Lutz, and she's a beauty.  We picked her up about a month ago, and the traffic was horrendous (from the Orlando area.)  I bet it's a much easier drive now...

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I have noticed the $100 wins have gone way down for me at least. I know I play less, but over a year is still a long time not to have a $100. Finally got this one a couple days ago. Don't worry about the bar code - it has been cashed. 


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Wow can you really win less than the ticket price ? I have never heard of this and that's BS. I would never touch that game.


He may have misworded what he actually meant, but maybe not.  I've seen this in extremely rare instances. I remember a texas game that was $5 and every single ticket is guaranteed to win SOMETHING, usually $ At that point why not just call it a $4 scratcher? Stupid worthless gimmicky holiday ticket. The prize structure of course absolutely sucked. Don't remember the odds but it was like 1 in 100 to win $20, and that's a $5 game.

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PA had a $25 Xmas ticket in the 90's that always paid back at least $5. Guess that way if you were giving it as a gift, you weren't giving total duds.

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