Theft on Cortelyou Rd!!


The lottery store on Courtelyou rd in Brooklyn NY is stealing tickets from elderly people. I went to the store this morning with a $609 cash ticket with 10 times 10 ticket and the agent scanned it and gave me $40. That's theft so there needs to be an investigation. Thank you !!

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First question. Did you sign the back of the ticket in order to prove it was YOUR ticket? If so,

Did you call the New York state lottery and file a complaint against the store and or clerk? Did you tell them what happened? If not, why not? If you didn't sign the ticket, call anyway.

If there needs to be an investigation, it's up to you to get the ball rolling on it. It's your money, right? If he did this to you, he's no doubt done it to other people also. And he will continue to, unless someone does something about it. Don't let him take advantage of you. 

Good Luck!!!

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When I cash in a winning ticket, I know exactly how much it's worth. My question is if you knew it was worth $609, why did you accept $40 and walk out?

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To add to that, anything over $600 you need to fill out a claim form and pay taxes on it, so the clerk / store wasn't allowed to cash it anyways without the form. Further proof they knew what they were doing. 


I'm assuming as their own "Investigation experiment." The OP's train of thought was probably,"I'm going to test the Clerk's honesty with my $609 winning ticket and see if he pays me my $609 ticket."     Holy crap, he only gave me $40! What a Crook! Taking advantage of The Elderly!I'm going to put his store on blast on Lottery Post! "

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Lock up the bandits before they steal anymore from the elderly!

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Most, if not all lottery retailers by now, have a laser bar scanning ticket reader somewhere out front or near the counter, that allows the customer to scan their tickets, which will give a readout of whether or not the ticket is a winner, including how much it's worth... BEFORE handing it over to the clerk... This device was put their to ensure ticket holders aren't cheated out of their winnings by unscrupulous Store clerks and Owners...

"You can lead a horse to the water trough, but you can't force it to drink"...



That device idea was an ingenious idea that seemed to have been implemented after Chris Hansen sent some of his Employees to pose as Lottery Players and test Lottery Retailers' honesty. Most of them passed but 6 straight up lied and stole the tickets and one of them although he didn't steal it, he did Discounting when the Undercover Employee claimed she owed money to the IRS or something and knew that if she went to the Lottery Office to claim her $1,000 the Lottery Office would use that $1,000 to pay her IRS debt and she wouldn't have any money to use for fun things. The Clerk offered to buy her $1,0000 ticket and give her $650 and he would keep the $350 for himself. They agreed. Although what he did wasn't illegal, he did get fined since Discounting is against Lottery Rules and Regulations. The 6 liars and thieves got their Lottery Licenses revoked and got sentenced to months in jail and probation. Youtune fans felt sorry for the Discounter, saying something like,"He didn't deserve to get fined. He told her the truth and was trying to help her out since she claimed she had IRS debt that she didn't want the Lottery Office to seize her winnings in order to pay her IRS debt!! He paid $350 for that ticket!"


Sort of one of those stories that is difficult to tell if it's true or not. If they knew their ticket was worth $609 and the clerk handed them $40, why didn't they ask for a receipt or complain to the agent? 

The winning amount is odd too unless it was more than one ticket. They are correct in calling it "theft" if that's what happened, but not sure what any of us are expected to do about it.

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A bit strange to come here and complain about it and not call the lottery company about it first.

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