Frankie's Cash-5 Winning System

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This was requested to be AUTOmated by NY10.

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Can this be modified to set the upper limit of a states lottery. Example the NM ROADRUNNERCASH is 5/37.

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Yeah, for sure. It's just a matter of how you want to do it right now if you get 00 it'll set it to 01.

But how do you want to set 38 and 39?

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And like N.C. goes up to 43.

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Okay so here's a revised version with upper limit as an input.

If you select an upper limit of anywhere 30-39 you'll get 4 lines to play and if numbers come out larger than your limit it'll wrap around starting at 1.

If you select an upper limit of anywhere 40-49 you'll get 5 lines to play and larger numbers than your limit will also wrap around starting at 1.

For example if your limit is 37, and a 38 came up in system, it'll wrap around and become 1.

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