Powerball be cheating


9507 was key



8496 I Had 54 they came with 55 aint no 55 7-40-48-55-66-11

<snip> cheaters

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In response to DALVIN PAYNE

What? Huh?  So you didn't match one number, so what.  You clearly won the other 4 numbers and the powerball for $50,000.  Just wait till Wednesday and win a bigger prize. Geez, quit complaining.

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In response to DALVIN PAYNE

Wink Looks like the ole "1 digit away" disease is just as contagious as the Coronavirus.!

PB is already suffering an unprecedented sag in ticket sales, .. If you had won, there wouldn't be enough incentive for regular players to continue playing it, being that PB has announced they'll be reducing the reset jackpot to 20 Million..!!

No Nod  No mention of them cutting the $2. ticket price in half too..!!

They may have unwittingly written their own Obituary..!!

Hell, I rarely played it when the reset jackpot was 40 Million... I know I'm not now..!!

No No  They'd better figure something out more equitable, or their game is about to go the way of the Dinosaurs..(terrible lizard)..

Green laugh "DINOball"... (terrible lottery odds)..!!


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