Wisconsin 2 draws a day

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In May Wisconsin is having 2 draws a day for pick 3 and 4 also that dumb game All or Nothing.

Like to see what people think ?

About time they get with the program !!

So to the states that have 2 draws which way is better to play mid to mid or mid to eve ?

Maybe just have to see what works best.

Maybe we will be lucky and they will add pairs and 1 off but probably not.


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I saw the sign for this awhile back. I don't see a problem with Pick 3 or 4 but I don't know who is going to play All or Nothing twice a day at $2 a play. I'm sure some people will play it but it's definitely not for me. 

Oddly enough if they ran Badger 5 twice a day I might give it a whirl because at $1 a play it's more appealing.

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At this point in the Covid crisis I will be surprised if they don't postpone the May launch of the daily double draws.

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In response to picktowin

HUH?  That's news to me.  So let me get this straight.  The Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers closed all bars, restaurants, barbershops and other non-essential business because of this over-blown virus but now the Wisconsin lottery wants people to interact twice as much with retailers buying lottery tickets?  LOL

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Well at least the WI lottery has given us use of those fabulous vending machines that don't give change nor do they allow you to pick your own numbers or even the ability to choose multiple draws. So how this is supposed to work for the double daily draw is beyond me. I've seen church bingo games with better planning and organization.

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Didn't they announce it months before the virus breakout?

How were they to know this pandemic was going to occurWhat?

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In response to Nikkicute

This is the first I heard about it.  Regardless, instead of raping people once a day, they now want to rape them twice a day.  LOL

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Texas has 4 draws a day for Pick 3, Daily 4, and All or Nothing. But there's noting in the rules that say we have to play all 4 draws. I imagine you folks in WI won't have to play both draws if you don't want to.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

Oh?  My mistake.  I thought it was required that everyone play both draws every day.  LOL

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The latest I heard they are going to suspend the new Play pick 3 and 4 that suppose to start in May

Anyone else heard that ?

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picktowin...I just posted a reply to your question in the SuperCash link under the Jackpot games forum.  Why are you asking that question here?

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Because it's about new draw in which thread is about

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In response to SaraAnnRapp

I wish the WI All or Nothing was like Texas in terms of jackpot size - $2 ticket (now to be twice a day) for only $100,000 is not as exciting.

If it was like the $250,000 Texas had I would be much more enthusiastic - then again the Texas odds are 1 in 2,704,156 vs Wisconsin odds are 1 in 705, 432 - so what's worse? Haha

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In response to LiveInGreenBay

Well the odds of winning are so enticing that it will be impossible for you to resist playing "AllforNothing" at least twice a day. WinkLOL

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In response to Unlucky-Kenny

Agreed. The ticket cost verses the jackpot payout for AorN just doesn't do it for me.

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