Trying out My Pendulum?

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I will tell you if you will win and leave feedback thanks 🙏

Its has been a long to time since I posted here Good Luck Stay Safe and Keep everything Sanitized

I won Six Times within a Month

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I fogot to mention I have tried it in the Pick 5 too

Be back later to predict 

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Nice to see you post again Ms Marcie.  Hope you and your family are well.  Stay Safe.

What is a pendulum?  I need a win LOL.

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Ms. C your asking me that lol. I can't believe your asking me that?

let me see what's going to come in my State? Be back I am predicting the pick 3 and Five for Ohio ok this is what I got

Pick 3 135 prs 13  15 35

Pick 5* 60235 

Just Practicing so I don't want anyone to play them

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In Hey Ms. C we are all good I have a cold and staying in until Monday then I will be back to work thanks for asking

looking at my Pyramid right now too this is what I see Doubles 868 866 355 222 422 844  884. 888 8884 388

3388 86805 855 858  862   852 869 8805

86852. 86833 86852 86850 82420 82842 I am not playing just want to see how affective it is.

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March 25 Midday

Pick  3* O77

Pick  4* 8072

Pick  5* 02451

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

I won about 6 times  on these






one more can't remember 

A few numbers came in this thread I hope some folks got them 531 868
 222 335 was hot  ok I think I will start back playing O.L.

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Predicting Pick 5 from My Pendulum 

12457 12452

67902 Mirrors

My Prediction 613 124 679 967 354 Me*

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In response to marcie

Ohio had 135 combos Midday from my Pendulum sometimes it doesn't come the same day lol.

153 Baam!


Well Done Marcie ...153...

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In response to cali45a

Yeah just wish I had caught it I hope you did Cali45a It  is effective at times I almost hit the Power Balls a couple of years ago picking 6 numbers from my Pendulum but  Wrong game it came the next day...Thanks By the way Guys I found 2 Old Bulls Eye Dreambooks my Friend gave me and my Husband a Book

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In response to FLATRANSPLANT

See Ya!Did you know the 355/353 are partners? See Ya! lol.

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In response to marcie
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In response to marcie

Baam 335 Ohio Evening I am convinced it works

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In response to eddessaknight

Hey Edd I can't see the Picture? The Pendulums is no joke I didn't play Evening though

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