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Coronavirus Related Numbers.

OK to post yours related numbers.

Stay well!  Be healthy!


Prayers for all peopleBlue Angel and petsBlue Angel

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Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  0-0-4
Method 2:  8-2-4
Method 3:  2-7-4
Method 4:  1-7-9
Method 5:  8-9-5
Method 6:  1-0-2




Game:  Play 4

Method 1:  9-0-9-7
Method 2:  5-2-1-4
Method 3:  0-2-7-1
Method 4:  0-5-9-4
Method 5:  7-9-3-4
Method 6:  4-7-4-2




Game:  Plus 5

Method 1:  1-4-7-5-4
Method 2:  3-5-9-0-5
Method 3:  3-8-3-8-1
Method 4:  3-6-9-2-1
Method 5:  5-4-1-3-2
Method 6:  6-7-7-0-7




Game:  Multi-State Powerball

Method 1:  02-20-23-39-60, Powerball: 11
Method 2:  17-18-31-32-45, Powerball: 25
Method 3:  24-30-35-50-61, Powerball: 01
Method 4:  15-29-39-47-59, Powerball: 03
Method 5:  03-14-15-29-66, Powerball: 06
Method 6:  14-18-42-44-53, Powerball: 12



Game:  Multi-State Mega Millions

Method 1:  12-13-36-50-66, Mega Ball: 05
Method 2:  04-21-24-59-64, Mega Ball: 07
Method 3:  12-17-46-59-61, Mega Ball: 11
Method 4:  21-27-44-47-48, Mega Ball: 20
Method 5:  04-05-30-44-59, Mega Ball: 09
Method 6:  14-32-34-52-62, Mega Ball: 09



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Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  0-9-2
Method 2:  0-0-3
Method 3:  1-1-8
Method 4:  7-7-5
Method 5:  8-4-7
Method 6:  1-1-9



Game:  Play 4

Method 1:  4-2-2-9
Method 2:  8-2-6-1
Method 3:  2-8-8-6
Method 4:  4-7-7-2
Method 5:  0-5-8-3
Method 6:  3-0-9-0



Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  6-3-0
Method 2:  7-5-3
Method 3:  2-3-4
Method 4:  0-6-3
Method 5:  4-9-0
Method 6:  1-0-7



Game:  Play 4

Method 1:  4-1-3-2
Method 2:  9-4-8-4
Method 3:  4-2-6-3
Method 4:  6-0-3-9
Method 5:  3-9-9-6
Method 6:  2-8-8-2


self quarantine

Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  6-4-1
Method 2:  0-2-7
Method 3:  1-2-1
Method 4:  4-5-4
Method 5:  8-5-3
Method 6:  1-8-2


self quarantine

Game:  Play 4

Method 1:  4-5-6-6
Method 2:  0-1-9-2
Method 3:  3-0-0-2
Method 4:  6-0-1-9
Method 5:  4-8-5-8
Method 6:  3-7-4-2

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Pick 3 : 191
Pick 4 : 6431
Pick 5 : 41411
Powerball : 7-18-44-58-67 14
Mega Millions : 1-9-29-57-64 5

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When Cornered, CDC Director Commits to Authorizing Free Coronavirus Testing
§ 71.30 Payment for care and treatment. 
[ 713  7130  07130  71030   710  071 030  130  730 ...] 
42 CFR § 71.30  71342
What?4271  42713  427130

(a) The Director may authorize payment for the care and treatment of individuals subject to medical examination, quarantine, isolation, and conditional release, subject to paragraphs (b) through (h) of this section.

(b) Payment for care and treatment shall be in the Director's sole discretion and subject to the availability of appropriations.

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2019-Year it first appeared

666 6666-Evil/Doomsday numbers

614 1946-Trump's DOB. He was exposed to COVID-19, and may have it

Number of infected-139,018

Total number of deaths-5116

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South Korea pioneers coronavirus drive-through testing station (Free to anyone)Thumbs Up

Goyang, South Korea (CNN)South Korea has come up with an innovative way of testing for the novel coronavirus -- and it was inspired by the drive-through counters at McDonalds and Starbucks, officials say.

Here's how it works.
In the northern city of Goyang, drivers pull in to a parking lot where they are met by health workers dressed in hazmat suits.
Motorists then drive to several stations where nurses in protective plastic suits, masks and face shields register drivers, check their temperatures, and use swabs to take samples from their throats and nasal passages.
This is a drive-through coronavirus testing site.
Officials say it is safer and faster to test for the virus at the drive-through than in a hospital or health clinic.
"There's less face-to-face contact," said Lee Jae-joon, the mayor of Goyang.
"If you operate a testing site indoors, there is concern that suspected patients can infect each other in the waiting room."
"Many drive-throughs at places like Starbucks have come to South Korea," he added, explaining that health officials were inspired to replicate their model.
At the drive-through, passengers and drivers go through the entire testing process in a matter of minutes without ever getting out of their cars.
That limits the exposure of frontline workers to the virus, says Lee Eun-sook, a surgeon volunteering at the test site, and means patients aren't able to contaminate a public health facility.

Pressure on health system

The novel coronavirus outbreak is putting pressure on the Korean health system.
The number of confirmed cases has surged from 31 to more than 4,200 in two weeks, and at least 26 people have been killed by the disease in the country.
In response to the crisis, South Korea has more than 500 coronavirus testing sites, which have screened more than 100,000 people.
When the drive-through opened on February 26, it was the first of its kind in the country and has tested as many as 384 people in one day.
Health officials test patients through a car window at the drive-through site.
Results come back within three days, and are sent by SMS.
Health workers screen visitors with a questionnaire about their travel history and symptoms. Only those deemed to be at-risk will be tested.
Those who have visited Daegu, for example, are deemed more vulnerable, as 73% of all coronavirus cases in the country stem from this southern city, according to South Korea's Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Similarly, those who have links to the Shincheonji religious group in Daegu, connected to more than 50% of cases in the country, are deemed to be at risk.
About 100 workers in a gymnasium across the street from the drive-through site have been tasked with tracking down the 3,600 Shincheonji members believed to be living in Goyang.

Tough conditions

One down-side to the drive-through test site is the Korean winter weather.
"It's hard because we have to wear protective suits, we can't go to the bathroom or drink water, and it's cold," says nurse Park Seung-hee, who normally works at the city's health center.
As cars coasted past, she and other nurses huddled by gas heaters, cupping heated pads in their hands. They work here in five-hour shifts.
When their shifts ends, they step fully clothed into a small portable booth called the "Clean Zone," in which they are showered in hypochlorous acid disinfectant.
It is all in a day's work at the drive through.
Health officials test patients through a car window at the drive-through site.


South Korea pioneers coronavirus drive-through testing station Goyang, South Korea (CNN) South Korea has come up with an innovative way of testing for the novel coronavirus -- and it was inspired by the drive-through counters at McDonalds and Starbucks, officials say.

Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  8-3-0
Method 2:  0-9-2
Method 3:  5-8-0
Method 4:  0-9-3
Method 5:  6-5-6
Method 6:  4-4-3


Game:  Play 4

Method 1:  6-0-0-0
Method 2:  9-2-0-1
Method 3:  0-1-7-6
Method 4:  0-8-4-9
Method 5:  1-3-8-3
Method 6:  5-3-7-9

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Coronavirus: Drive-thru testing site to open at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY Thumbs Up


A drive-thru coronavirus testing facility, which the governor called the first of its kind on the east coast, will open today in New Rochelle to start testing people for COVID-19.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement on Thursday that testing at the site, which was being set up at Glen Island Park on the Long Island Sound Shore, will be done by appointment only.

New Rochelle residents who have been quarantined will be tested first.

People who have appointments to get tested for COVID-19 line up before the bridge to get onto Glen Island Park in New Rochelle on March 13, 2020. A drive-thru coronavirus testing site has been set up at the county park. (Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson said today that people must contact their doctor first before making an appointment to be tested at Glen Island Park.

"Very important for people to understand," he said. "They can't simply show up at a testing center."

Around 9 a.m. several drivers were lined up before the bridge to get onto Glen Island.

The park was closed on Thursday as authorities prepared to open the site, which is being run by Northwell Health. Glen Island Harbour Club, located on the island, remains open for business, Westchester County officials said.

A New York State Trooper blocks the entrance to Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY, where a sign warns people to keep windows closed March 12, 2020. Preparations are underway to transform the park to a coronavirus testing area. (Photo: Tania Savayan/The Journal News)

The state is working with BioReference Laboratories to run 5,000 more tests per day, in addition to what the state has already been doing. That additional testing capacity will take effect next week.

There are 28 private labs partnering with the state to test people for COVID-19.

As of Thursday there were 325 confirmed cases statewide, including 148 in Westchester and seven in Rockland County.

Westchester County Police block the entrance to Glen Island Park in New Rochelle, NY, while preparations are underway to transform the space to a coronavirus testing area March 12, 2020.  (Photo: Tania Savayan/The Journal News)

New Rochelle is the epicenter of the state's outbreak. On Thursday members of the National Guard arrived in Westchester, including New Rochelle, to help authorities distribute food and handle logistics in the fight against coronavirus.

A containment area, encompassing a circle with a on-mile radius around Young Israel of New Rochelle, has been set up in the city to limit large gatherings and keep students away from school buildings.

Matt Spillane covers breaking news throughout the Lower Hudson Valley.

Coronavirus: Drive-thru testing site to open at Glen Island Park in New Rochelle A drive-thru coronavirus testing facility, which the governor called the first of its kind on the east coast, will open today in New Rochelle to start testing people for COVID-19.

Pick 3

Method 1:  1-4-5
Method 2:  2-4-3
Method 3:  7-5-6
Method 4:  7-4-4
Method 5:  3-5-2
Method 6:  5-3-6


Play 4

Method 1:  9-3-0-0
Method 2:  2-4-2-4
Method 3:  0-7-4-4
Method 4:  7-7-3-9
Method 5:  3-6-3-5
Method 6:  3-5-4-8

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Coronavirus closures: List of events, sports, and more canceled amid COVID-19 fears

By Irina Ivanova, Thom Craver

Updated on: March 13, 2020 / 11:24 AM / CBS News

Coronavirus: Champions League, Europa League postponed by UEFA during pandemicThe novel coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S., with more than 1,300 people sickened and 42 dead. Cities and states are restricting large gatherings of people, and even presidential hopefuls are canceling rallies. Here is a list of events and destinations that have been affected by the outbreak.

Music Festivals

Coachella and Stagecoach

Organizers of the annual music festival have pushed it back by six months at the direction of health authorities. Goldenvoice announced the rescheduling of the 2020 music festival in an Instagram post Wednesday

Coachella will now take place over two weekends in October: October 9 to 11 and October 16 to 18. Its sibling festival Stagecoach, which highlights country music, will take place October 23 to 25.

Following the announcement, headlining act Dan + Shay took to Twitter to announce that they would not be able to make the rescheduled dates due to their planned tour. 

Coachella draws up to a quarter-million people to Indio, California, every year. This year's lineup is set to include Frank Ocean, Rage Against the Machine, Travis Scott, Lana Del Rey and Thom Yorke.

South by Southwest

Austin mayor Steve Adler cancelled South by Southwest, the preeminent film, music and media conference that was set to begin in one week. The move comes after weeks of public pressure, during which the conference lost major attendees including Facebook, Twitter, Intel, Mashable, Netflix, Amazon and TikTok. More than 50,000 people had petitioned for the event to be called off.

"There was no acceptable path forward that would mitigate the risk to our community," said Dr. Mark Escott, Austin's interim health authority. He noted that the number of visitors attending SXSW and their many geographic origins would have created a crisis situation.

No cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Travis county, which houses Austin, Escott said. There are at least six cases in the Houston area, the Associated Press reports.

Ultra Music Festival

Miami's Ultra Music Festival, which was scheduled to take place March 20 to 22, has been called off until next year, the Miami Herald reported.

Tin Pan South Songwriting Festival

The annual songwriting festival featuring both amateur and professional composers has been cancelled. Tin Pan South Songwriting Festival organizers cited both the recent deadly tornado as well as coronavirus concerns. 

Concert Tours

Pearl Jam

Individual musicians are also calling off their tours. Pearl Jam has pushed back the North American leg of its tour, which was scheduled to start March 13 in Toronto. (Shows in Germany are still scheduled to proceed, starting June 23.) 

Avril Lavigne

Pop singer Avril Lavigne has cancelled multiple tour dates throughout Europe in March and April. She took to Twitter to tell her fans "You're in my thoughts and prayers and we are hoping to announce rescheduled shows soon." 

Green Day

American pop-punk band Green Day postponed their "Hella Mega" tour dates in Asia "due to the health + travel concerns with coronavirus," the group said on Twitter. "We know it sucks, as we were looking forward to seeing you all, but hold on to your tickets we'll be announcing the new dates very soon."

Blake Shelton

The country singer's "Friends and Heroes" tour dates from March 12 to March 21 have been postponed and will be rescheduled.

K-Pop: BTS, Taeyeon and NCT

K-pop group BTS, one of the most popular boy bands in the world, on Friday cancelled April tour dates in Seoul citing concerns about the coronavirus. Instead of starting its world tour in Seoul, the band will hold its first show in Santa Clara, California, later in April. Fellow singers Taeyeon and NCT also dropped planned shows for Singapore.

Sporting Events and Leagues


The NBA suspended its season abruptly on Wednesday "until further notice." The decision came after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of Utah's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. That game was immediately cancelled.

At the time the NBA decided to suspend the season, a plan was not yet in place for when the league would resume.

More from CBS Sports:

PGA Golf 

The PGA Tour canceled the Players Championship after the first round and all tournaments until the Masters.

The Masters Tournament has been postponed, the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club announced on Friday. Fred Ridley, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, said the Masters will  now take place "at some later date."


The NHL announced it is pausing the 2019-20 season, effective immediately, on Thursday. Commissioner Gary Bettman said the league will try to resume games "as soon as it is appropriate and prudent," and is hopeful the stoppage will not affect the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Major League Baseball

MLB has canceled the remainder of spring training and is pushing back the start of the regular season by at least two weeks. The regular season was originally scheduled to start on March 26. 

Major League Soccer

The MLS season has been put on hold. Only two games into the season, the league announced it is suspending play for 30 days

"Our clubs were united today in the decision to temporarily suspend our season – based on the advice and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), and other public health authorities, and in the best interest of our fans, players, officials and employees," MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in a statement. "We'd like to thank our fans for their continued support during this challenging time."

Boston Marathon Postponed

The Boston Marathon won't be run Monday April 20 as planned. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made the announcement at a press conference Friday. The marathon has been rescheduled for September 14

U.S. Soccer

The United States Soccer Federation announced it would cancel upcoming Men's and Women's national team matches in March and April. The statement said majority of the Youth National Team and Extended National Team camps that were planned through the end of April would also be cancelled. 

NCAA Basketball Tournament

The NCAA has canceled the 2020 Division I men's and women's basketball tournaments. Multiple conferences, including the AAC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East, Pac-12 and SEC, have canceled their conference tournaments, and Duke University announced it is suspending all athletic activities.


The XFL has suspended play as of Thursday, effective immediately. Prior to Thursday's announcement, the new football league said the March 15 game between the Los Angeles Wildcats and the Seattle Dragons would take place without fans. 

International Soccer

England: Premier League

The English Premier League has postponed their season after calling an emergency meeting set  Friday morning. The league had previously postponed the Manchester City vs. Arsenal match after Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta tested positive for coronavirus. 

Several Premier League players have also tested positive for the virus. USMNT midfielder Christian Pulisic and his Chelsea teammates are in self-quarantine after a teammate tested positive. Several players from Leicester City and Manchester City have also tested positive.

Spain: La Liga

In Spain, all La Liga soccer matches have been suspended for the next two matchdays

Italy: Seria A

Italy's top soccer league Serie A played several matches "behind closed doors" in empty stadiums. But the country has now suspended all sporting events until April 3 at the earliest. 

A defender for top club Juventus has tested positive for the virus.

France: Ligue 1, Ligue 2

France's Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have suspended all matches until further notice. Prior to Friday morning's announcement, the top French soccer leagues had been playing all matches in empty stadiums, a plan they had intended to see through April 15. 

Germany: Bundesliga

Germany's Bundesliga teams will also play their matches in empty stadiums this weekend. No plans have been announced to suspend play at this time. League officials have will meet on Monday to propose a stoppage on Tuesday for the remainder of March.

Bundesliga club Paderborn announced that coach Steffen Baumgart is being tested for the virus and second division club Hannover 96 has two players in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19.

UEFA Champions League and Europa League

UEFA, the European governing body for soccer, announced postponement of Europe's two largest soccer tournaments on Friday. Both the Champions League and Europa League competitions are being postponed due to the spread of the coronavirus. 

The Champions League round of 16 was set to finish next week and quarterfinals slated to begin on April 7. After today's announcement, it is now unclear when play will resume.

In-depth: Coronavirus: Champions League, Europa League postponed by UEFA during pandemic

Auto Racing

The opening race of the Formula 1 racing season has been cancelled. The Australian Grand Prix has also been cancelled, race organizers announced Thursday. 

On Thursday, the NHRA announced Gatornationals, the annual drag racing event, was also cancelled. The news comes after a member of the McLaren Racing Team tested positive for COVID-19, the statement said. 

NASCAR is still planning to hold events at Atlanta Motor Speedway and Homestead-Miami Speedway without fans in attendance. In a statement posted on Twitter, NASCAR said the race events will be restricted to competitors, crews, officials, and other necessary personnel.

Technology conferences


E3, the world's biggest gaming convention, has been called off, CNET reported. The Entertainment Software Association, which organizes the annual event, said E3 will return in 2021, according to GameSpot. The convention is a spotlight for major game companies to showcase their new products for the year. Last year, 66,000 people attended.

Microsoft and Ubisoft will showcase their games online instead.

"After careful consultation with our member companies regarding the health and safety of everyone in our industry — our fans, our employees, our exhibitors and our longtime E3 partners — we have made the difficult decision to cancel E3 2020, scheduled for June 9 to 11 in Los Angeles," the Entertainment Software Association said in a statement. 

Facebook Global Marketing Summit and F8 conference

Facebook canceled their annual marketing summit scheduled for early March, which was expected to draw 4,000 people. Additionally, their annual F8 developers conference – scheduled for May 5 and 6 – has also been cancelled. Facebook called off the "in-person component" of its F8 developer conference, the company's biggest annual event, which typically brings thousands of software engineers to Silicon Valley. Facebook said it would replace the event with "locally hosted events, videos and live-streamed content." 

Google I/O and Cloud Next conferences

Google announced Tuesday that it has canceled its annual developers conference scheduled for May 12 to 14. The announcement came after the search giant had announced the cancellation of both its annual Cloud Next conference and Google News Initiative Summit, opting for a virtual cloud conference instead.

Google News Initiative

Google on Friday called off its annual news conference, which would have brought together several hundred media-industry attendees in Sunnyvale, California, in late April. "We regret that we have to cancel our global Google News Initiative summit but the health and wellbeing of our guests is our number one priority," Richard Gingras, vice president of news, said in a statement.

Mobile World Congress

The MWC, the world's largest technology trade show, typically attracts some 100,000 people from around the world to Barcelona every February. But the conference organizers called off this year's event after high-profile attendees including Facebook and LG pulled out.

"The global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event," the organization said in a statement on February 12. The show has been an annual event since 2006.

Games Developer Conference

After Gearbox, Blizzard Entertainment, and other big developers announced they would not attend Games Developer Conference in March, the conference was postponed. Organizers say that GDC will still happen in summer 2020, but it is unclear whether the developers that have dropped out will still attend at a later time this year. 

Other conferences and conventions

Adobe Summit

Adobe canceled the in-person version of its eponymous Summit, scheduled for March 29 to April 2 in Las Vegas, the AP reported. More than 20,000 people were expected to attend the conference, which will be held as an "online experience" this year, according to the AP.

Cold Spring Harbor

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has called off all conferences and meetings set to take place on its campus on New York's Long Island for the coming month. "CSHL has canceled or postponed all upcoming scientific conferences and courses bringing participants to campus through April 5th, and will reevaluate future offerings on a rolling basis," the lab said in a statement. The move affects at least four courses set to take place in that time period.

Real estate conferences

The National Association of Realtors canceled two West Coast conferences this week: the Joint AE Institute, which was to take place March 13 to 16 in San Diego, and the Realtor Broker Summit, scheduled for March 31 to April 1 in Los Angeles. The group said it is "considering alternatives" and could reschedule, relocate or redesign both conferences later in the year. 

WonderCon 2020

Comic-Con International's upcoming WonderCon convention, originally scheduled for April 1 through April 12, has been postponed until a later date. In a statement, organizers cited a California Department of Public Health recommendation that gatherings and events of more than 250 people should either be postponed or cancelled. 

The fate of San Diego Comic-Con, the largest comic book convention, has not yet been decided. It is currently scheduled to take place July 23 to 26. 

World Bank, International Monetary Fund 

The 189-nation International Monetary Fund and its sister lending organization, the World Bank, announced Tuesday that they will replace their regular spring meetings in Washington with a "virtual format," the Associated Press reported.

IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and World Bank President David Malpass issued a joint statement saying their decision was driven by "growing health concerns related to the virus." Separately, the World Bank has said it would make up to $12 billion available globally to boost countries' response to the coronavirus, the Financial Times reported.

The two global lending organizations typically hold a spring meeting in Washington, where they both have their headquarters. This year's meeting had been scheduled for the week of April 13.

Houston energy conference CERAWeek 2020

A major energy conference in Houston has been called off. IHS Markit has cancelled CERAWeek 2020, an annual energy conference that was set to attract delegates from more than 80 countries to Houston starting March 9.

"We do this with deep disappointment," the organizers said in a statement, adding that their top priority was the health and safety of conference participants.

"We have spent the last several weeks focused on this question, established a medical partnership with Houston Methodist Hospital, have been in continuing dialogue with experts on infectious disease, and established an extensive protocol. But the spread of COVID-19 is moving quickly around the world," the organizers added.

ASEAN summit

The Trump administration on Friday postponed a March 14 summit with the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. President Trump invited ASEAN leaders to a meeting in Las Vegas after he did not attend a November summit with the group in Bangkok, Reuters reported.

Geneva International Auto Show

The annual Geneva International Motor Show was canceled Friday as the Swiss government put an immediate ban on all public and private events involving more than 1,000 people, CNET reported. The ban is expected to last until at least March 15.

"We are aware that this measure will have a significant impact on public life," said Switzerland's interior minister, Alain Berset.

The event, originally slated to kick off March 5, was expected to generate up to 250 million Swiss francs (or $257 million) in spending, according to the AP.

Switzerland has reported 15 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus. It borders northern Italy, which has seen the largest cluster of cases in Europe. Other affected events include the traditional Carnival procession in Basel, a ski marathon and several soccer matches, according to the AP.

Geneva Auto Show Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Fears

Exhibitors have to dismantle their displays after cancellation of the Geneva Auto Show on February 28 in Geneva, Switzerland. Hundreds of coronavirus cases have been confirmed in nearby northern Italy and smaller numbers are being confirmed daily across western Europe.Robert Hradil / Getty Images

Vacation Destinations

Disney resorts in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo

The Tokyo Disney resort said this week it would close until March 15 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Disney theme parks in Shanghai have been closed since January 24 and Hong Kong Disney attractions since January 25.

Disneyland – Anaheim, California

Disneyland was granted an exception from the state of California advisory to postpone or cancel all gatherings of 250 people or more. After initially deciding to stay open, Disneyland announced Thursday afternoon it would shut down for the remainder of March. This is only the fourth time in history the California park has closed. 

Officials said that Disney's three hotels at Disneyland — the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier and the Grand Californian — will remain open until Monday, March 16 to give current guests enough time to make travel arrangements.

Disney World – Orlando, Florida

A few hours after announcing Disneyland's closing, Disney announced that the theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and the Disneyland Paris Resort will close starting at the close of business on March 15. Disney Cruise Line will suspend all new departures beginning March 14. 

Universal Studios – Orlando and Hollywood

CBS Miami reports that Universal Orlando will be closing its two parks and water park. The closures will also start Saturday and last until the end of March. However, the company said Universal's hotels and CityWalk will remain open.

Universal Studios Hollywood also announced today they will close to the public on Saturday, according to CBS Los Angeles.


Coronavirus closures: List of events, sports, and more canceled amid COVID-19 fears

Game:  Pick 3

Method 1:  9-7-1
Method 2:  5-5-8
Method 3:  1-3-0
Method 4:  5-2-0
Method 5:  5-3-5
Method 6:  2-7-0


Play 4

Method 1:  4-8-0-4
Method 2:  2-0-2-5
Method 3:  1-5-7-8
Method 4:  7-1-7-6
Method 5:  6-9-3-9
Method 6:  9-5-7-5

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States Begin Widespread School Closures To Fight Coronavirus


Maryland public school students will be out of school for two weeks starting Monday, state officials announced on Thursday.

The Washington Post via Getty Images

Updated Friday at 7:30 a.m. ET.

Officials in Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon and the District of Columbia have announced that schools in their states will be closed for several weeks amid concerns about the coronavirus. The statewide closures come after many school districts and dozens of colleges and universities have temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 disease.

According to an analysis from Education Week, as of Thursday evening, "at least 10,600 schools have been closed or are scheduled to close, affecting at least 4.9 million students." That is a small but quickly growing fraction of the approximately 50 million students in K-12 public and private schools in the United States.

Twelve people have tested positive for the virus in Maryland, though according to state officials, three have already made a full recovery. Five have tested positive in Ohio.

In Maryland, the decision to close public schools for two weeks was prompted by a patient in his 60s outside Washington, D.C., who tested positive for the disease with no known exposure to it from travel or a previously known infected individual. That suggests it is spreading within the community.

"The circumstances of this case indicate that we are entering a new phase of this crisis in our state," Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan told reporters Thursday. "We should expect the number of cases to dramatically and rapidly rise. Our primary focus is now turning from containment to aggressively working to mitigate and limit the spread of the virus."

The school closures in Maryland are scheduled from March 16 to 27. Karen Salmon, state superintendent of schools, told reporters that school buildings and buses will be thoroughly cleaned during the break.

Maryland state officials are working to make sure that during this time, students will still be provided meals, given that school meals are a crucial source of nutrition for many children.

Hogan said state officials are also taking a range of other measures, including requiring some state employees to telework, limiting public access to state buildings, prohibiting gatherings of more than 250 people and readying the National Guard for possible deployment.

This comes on the same day that many other governors across the country announced a wide range of measures to contain the spread of the virus.

Earlier on Thursday, Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine announced that the state's kids would have "an extended spring break of 3 weeks" starting on Monday. That includes public, private and charter K-12 schools.



Officials in Maryland, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon and the District of Columbia have announced that schools in their states will be closed for several weeks amid concerns about the coronavirus. The statewide closures come after many school districts and dozens of colleges and universities have temporarily closed because of the COVID-19 disease.

Pick 3

Method 1:  0-6-3
Method 2:  1-5-7
Method 3:  5-4-9
Method 4:  6-5-6
Method 5:  5-2-6
Method 6:  5-4-3


Play 4

Method 1:  9-6-1-3
Method 2:  8-3-9-6
Method 3:  6-8-0-1
Method 4:  3-9-3-7
Method 5:  0-7-5-4
Method 6:  9-0-4-5

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Soon, selected Walmarts, Walgreens, CVS and Targets store parking lots will host drive thru coronavirus testing across the country. The government will put out details via website that is being created now.

.Image result for drive thru

Image result for drive thru

Image result for drive thru

Soon, selected Walmarts, Walgreens, CVS and Targets store parking lots will host drive thru coronavirus testing across the country. The government will put out details via website that is being created now.

Pick 3

Method 1:  8-3-2
Method 2:  6-5-2
Method 3:  4-3-3
Method 4:  0-5-5
Method 5:  6-6-0
Method 6:  9-3-0


Play 4

Method 1:  6-4-2-8
Method 2:  4-4-5-8
Method 3:  9-7-6-3
Method 4:  1-7-6-2
Method 5:  1-9-5-2
Method 6:  5-9-3-1


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Families First Coronavirus Response Act

 H. R. 6201

Thinking of...116THCONGRESS 2D SESSION  [ 3/13/2020....3120  31320]


Thinking of...

16201  1162   01162 

620  201  621  62581

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