Full Moon Triple Watch Until 03/12

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I didn't see Blackapple's post so I figured I'd make one. Rule says to look for triples, quads, and false triples 3 days before and after a full moon. So these should be good until 03/12/2020.


Blackapple previous thread from 2011 on full moon in virgo:


Full Moon Triple Watch 3/17-3/22

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Three days before & after


New or Full Moon

0*,1*,2* strong digits

Watch for triples  and Quads




Probably see Laverne's Gems

I know when I see 334, 344, 337, 377, 335, 355, 339, 399

during this post 


That's awesome you found this. I didn't look back that far. The last 2 trip 1's had the 76 pair twice within a week before it hit. Also had 91/41/81 pairs a month before they hit and a 98 pair the same day from the previous month. The 1's in August didn't have any of those so perhaps the 1's in dec just had that specific pattern because of the month. Tis another mystery. Only thing I can do is play the 111/161... Also been playing 005/505

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