What is your age?

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I'm 65 and have been playing for about 20 years.  Wish I stopped playing 25 years ago.  LOL


Why do you wish you stop playing years ago?

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If he's like me, he's lost more than he won.

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Dang! The lottery folks should be very worried because their entire market is about to age out just like what happened to Harley Davidson!

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Old Lady<====, lol


38...been playing since 15 years old when Grandma and Grandpops(R.I.P)had me running to put their numbers in at the corner store Thudit's in my veinsBang Head

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It's an old folks forum. LOL. LOL

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That's really neat! Hopefully getting a big win is in your veins too.


I am 37...started playing 7 years ago quick picks here and there on and off esp when jackpots went past 200M then one day i googled how to pick numbers and found this website so the whole of last year went thrpugh old post reading hundred and hundred of pages for hours wrote systems etc and even losing money on some evetually found some things i like better than the others and have tried to bug the people who give out free software cause i realise many of the good people who wont charge are gone and i wanna absorb as much from those willing to share..

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Looks like the 60's rule this forum.  LOL.  30's and 50's are a close second.  BTW, with all due respect, who's the over 80 poster?  Just curious.


when quantum computing and artificial intelligence arrive,
we will have a new era in the forum, but the difficulties will still be many to predict numbers


20's = Chasing girls

30's = Strapped for cash, kids are expensive

40's = Top of your game, plenty of cash coming in

50's = Kids leave the roost, money to burn

60's = Need to boost the retirement nest egg

70's = A dollar with-out a dream.

80's = Waiting on the reaper, could show any day now.

The average person sleeps eight hours a day, that means by the time we hit sixty we have 

spent 20 years of it sleeping.  I average two hours of sleep per day which equates to 15

extra years of wakefulness by the time we hit 60.  No wonder I feel old, I think I would have

rather spent my extra years sleeping.


Good Lord, 80 is just around the bend.


30's. Read a ton & spent hours at the library as a teenager. Got interested in the lottery at 15, maybe 16 but could not play till l turned 18. So doing the math, been at it 15 years.

On a side note: Hate Pancakes & Jam, l would sooner choose Death.



"Hate Pancakes & Jam" I Agree!

Sausage gravy poured over buttermilk pancakes, now that's food for the Gods.


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Doctor told me to lay off the sugar.  You guys are killing me.  LOL

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