New Moon - Abundance check

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  New Moon Today Sunday February 23, 2020  Write your Abundance Check.

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Thanks Luckyme, for reminder many blessing to you and all

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Thanks for the reminder.

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Thank you😇

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Wow!! Thank you!! Blue Angel

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New Moon Abundance Check:

How did your NEW MOON 🌑 Wishes Blue Angel manifest, Lucky Me??

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With the New Moon 🌑 energy in play still today and the new moon seeds implanted , they will feel like bigger changes the more you think about them. Don’t stew about them. They could be presenting changes in your day to day style in a way that improves your current status quo.

Good Luck & Abundance ALL !

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         New Moon Tuesday March 24, 2020.  Don't forget to write your Abundance Check!  Much Abundance to All!!   

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Wow! This month went by pretty quickly!! 

Thank you! Love and light! Blue Angel

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New Moons represent rebirth and renewal, the dark sky a clean slate on which to paint your deepest desires…

Now is the time to plant seeds of hope and love, to allow a beautiful future to bloom when the light returns.

This is a truly unique moment in the year. Not only because it’s the start of a brand new lunar cycle, but because this lunation is ruled by the very first sign of the Zodiac…

Delivering a timely chance at a fresh start in 2020.

Fiery Aries is all about passion and forward motion.

Good Spring & New Moon BlessingsBlue Angel

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New moon tomorrow, April 22nd!  Prepare your abundance checks!  Wink

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  New Moon Wednesday April 22,2020 @ 10:27 don't forget to write your Abundance check. 

                           Much Abundance to all!!

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In response to BuyLow

               Thank you!  Much Abundance to you!

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The next 24 hours is ripe for planting seeds of intention and creation.

The abundance, love and prosperity we’ll ignite tomorrow will grow!

Till Then

Be Blessed

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Yes 😇😇😇😇

Thank you! Sun Smiley

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