So many states are missing sum 11-CA CT DC GA IN NJ OH Tri-state WV


I thought I mention missing sum 11, since many states are missing it.

Sum 11 box set-029 038 047 056 119 128 137 146 155 227 236 245 335 344


To narrow down ur choices further, I've listed missing pairs for each state.

CA-05x 36x 77x 99x

CT-01x 15x 33x 58x 77x 

DC-27x 79x 99x

GA-13x 33x 38x 57x 77x 78x 

IN-02x 19x 57x 77x 99x

NJ-07x 58x 78x 

OH-00x 13x 23x 35x 58x 66x 

Tri-state-02x 03x 11x 12x 22x 44x 58x 77x


OH eve got 632 with missing 23x. Hopefully other states get sum 11 today.


Forgetting 110


OOPS, I forgot to list WV-01x 06x 11x 33x 35x 44x

In response to faker-tracker

DC mid got 722, sum 11 with missing pair 27x.


281, NJ got its missing sum 11 last night. The only state to get it without a missing pair so far.

In response to faker-tracker

CA last night got 344 STR!

OH got sum 11 again 272.

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