Libra Dave

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Prayers Your Way Libra Dave

Any updates

Blessings to You and Your FamilyBlue Angel



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The last scan showed that the cancer spots had grown slightly, and a couple of new spots showed up. I am back on the infusion for now. The infusions are 4 weeks apart. May go back on chemo after the next scan, which will be in May. I am in no pain, I do not have a lot of energy. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.

Good Luck Libra Dave

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Hi Dave

I want to say I am praying for you to make a full recovery.....God is in the business of healing. Keep the faith. Thanks for posting an are always in my heart and prayers!


My prayers of healing and recovery continue...Keep your spirits up and know that there is support for you in your journey...You are missed...

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Libra Dave,

Thoughts and Prayers

Praying for Divine health & healing!

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In response to libra

I'm still praying for you also Libra Dave & hope you recover very soon!

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Sending healing light and prayers for a full recovery.

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Libra Dave, glad to see you post, keeping you and your family in my prayers!

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Libra Dave thanks for updating us.  I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers for your full recovery.  We all miss you!

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I continue to pray for your healing!! Really glad to see your post!!Spreading the blood of Jesus over you!!

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Libra Dave


I have an employee that had cancer all over.

He had is update today, and the cancer is almost gone.

Blessings that you have the same happen to You.

God Is in Control

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Miss you Dave ,stay well and my prayers are with you.


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I hope You and Your Family are doing well LibraDave. 

Blessings being sent to you and your Family during this difficult time. 

God Bless You.

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