Talking to Dead Cousin in Dream


Two nights ago I had a dream I saw my cousin(female) who died about 2 weeks ago. I have not seen or talked to this cousin in over 15 years.  I knew she died but I didn't want to say anything.  I just had a confused look on my face.  We just stated talking as if nothing happened.  She than gave me a tight hug and said repeatedly "I'm ok", I'm ok.  We went along with normal conversation and then I asked her if she had seen my Daddy.  My daddy died in 1993.  She never answered me because at that point I woke up.

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For numbers, post this in Mystical the day of your dreams, so you don't miss numbers

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


Thank you.  this is my very first post. I appreciate your helpl

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kekeburgess ..... sorry for your lost.

cousin .... 088 507 384

female .... 595 497 183

talk .......... 035 741 576

talking ..... 516 210 300

daddy ....... 608 974 883


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