Pen Dowsing lottery numbers

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  Your all very familiar with numbers and focusing on them already, by tweaking your intention to an internal reaction you can

also produce winning results.

 Writing requires nerve to muscle response so does scribbling a line add an intentional question to this idea first and your dowsing.

  Your mind is capable of retrieving answer's from the future or past through this method.

   Write your numbers out in rows. Place a dot beside each.

    Write your intent : 2/1/2020 Locate tonight's Winning Red Powerball number.

     Scribble beside your row of numbers quickly moving up, your pen staying in contact with the paper 1-26.

   Examine each for odd nerve jumping or twitching pulls, that's how the mind reacts to a question when dowsing.

 Pay close attention to these details and you'll figure any question out !  Relax and give it a try !

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I like it. It's similar to another method I've heard of where you close your eyes and very slowly draw a random scribble without lifting your pencil while thinking of winning the lottery. Then when you open your eyes you put a dot on all the self-intersections. The number of dots is a number you can play. Have not tried it myself but it may appeal to some of the mystics and psychics here. Good luck to you Timewalker.

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In response to Timewalkerv

Excellent Potential out of the box Manifestation, Timewalkerv

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Yes Time, it does work! I have done it many times on The lottery and Powerball! Works tremendously! Anything is possible! Blue Angel

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  I can say it works in many real world applications past and, or future 1000's of times.

  ... Combinations of Numbers being the most elusive problem of all, rarely solved in total.

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