Kobe Bryant

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RIPBlue Angel

Kobe Bryant reportedly killed in helicopter crash


Now they're saying his daughter Gianna was on board also along with another parent and child. They were going to a practice. How sad is this. Sad

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So sad indeed.....

The 13-year-old daughter of legendary NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant has also died in the helicopter crash in California

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May they rest in God's arm. So deeply saddened by this news. What a kind soul he was .


Praying for all the families, may God comfort them during this time, his daughter was 13 years old, so saddened by this loss


I say a prayer of comfort and strength and the love of family and friends to buoy the affected families as they deal with this tragedy.

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May the Lord hear our prayers for the nine persons who lost their lives. 

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My condolences goes to all of the victims,may they Rest In Peace...God Bless those that are grieving...

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Prayers & Condolences to everyone that died Blue Angel

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So sad, both so young, RIP Kobe.

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So very sad on so many levels. May God comfort the family at this time as I know that the whole world is mourning as well.

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Jersey #s 8, 24

Daughter - Gianna Marie-Onore Bryant 2006-2020 age 13

Athlete 626 525 687 3457 686 145 7044 081 015 8067 336 778 

Crash 089 185 103 877 231 359 7237 7034 082 421 8986


GA had 082 yesterday midday

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This is very heartbreaking. What a tragedy my thoughts and prayers are with the family at this difficult time. We lost an all time legend! Gone but will never be forgotten. His daughter wanted to be just like her father in the basketball world so sadBlue AngelBlue Angel

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Also, a Women's basketball coach!

A husband wife and daughter!

A mother and daughter!

A pilot!


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