Do FL scratch off vending machines dispense randomly?


I bought three Gold Rush tickets from a vending machine in FL and noticed that the ticket numbers seems to be random. I got tickets 001, then 000, then 029. Is this typical? I was expecting them to be in order. Are the ones behind the counter in order?

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depends on the store - they can put tickets in the machine from highest to lowest - lowest to highest - and at the counter as well - they will sometimes 'scotch tape' the first ticket from the next roll in the machine to the last ticket for a steady flow of tickets- so in your case the last two tickets 001 then 000 ended that roll and the next new roll (scotch taped) started with ticket 029 - if you bought the next two you would get 028, 027

Publix store manager told me they start with highest for 'book keeping purposes' ..........

A while back I bought 5 tickets in a row from the same bin at Publix........ tickets came out something like  022, 021, 018, 014, mgr could not figure out why they were out of order - he opened the machine and checked the roll and it didn't looked tampered with ........ I wrote the Lottery and they answered it .........'was a ticket manufacturing error' .......... wonder what other 'ticket manufacturing errors' there are we don't know about

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