Holy Moly! Pb Certainly Wastes No Time In Climbing Back Up.

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It's like the old saying "A watched pot never boils."
But now, it's up to $373M. 

mr. groppo


Yes and need to know consensus on if the time you play has any effect on your win? Any sense waiting til just before cutoff time?


Powerball, & Mega Millions sales are starting up on January 30th with the Mississippi Lottery.


This will be the 24th drawing. The $253.7 million cash value is higher than usual, so the advertised $373 million is about the same value as previous jackpots of about $400 million or more, but the last time PB got to $400 million (advertised at 414 and 251.1 cash on 3/9/19) it was the 21st drawing. The one before that as 470 (268.6 cash) on the 20th drawing. Maybe you weren't watching for a while, but I'd say it's taking it's time to climb back up.


As for when you buy, it doesn't mean a thing. Either the results are preordained or they're not. If they're preordained you'll get the numbers you're supposed to get and they'll match the numbers that are destined to be drawn or not. If the results aren't preordained you get whatever numbers you get, and then later on the winning numbers get drawn and either match the numbers you got or not.


Actually, PB's climb is anemic at best.

In 2015-2016, PB achived a Billion Dollar Jackpot in only 19 rollovers.

This what now? The 23rd rollover and only $373,000,000 Annuity or $253,700,000 Cash.

At $2.00 a line or $3.00 if you do power play (which, by the way, does absolutely nothing to improve your odds of winning anything)
the jackpot should be in the Multi-Billions by now.

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In response to JADELottery

I agree. It's taking its sweet time to break 500.


Well, this has been one of the most anticlimactic runs we've seen.

Never even broke $400 Million Annuity.

And, it took an unamazing 24 rollovers to do it.

Well, back to the waiting.

Good Luck

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