Worst state lottery website in USA?

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Hint, it's in the Midwest. No help for players at all. Pa and NJ have great sites. Awesome for researching past numbers and combos. Thank goodness for Lottery Post!

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That would be Tennessee !!!

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New York Lottery's website used to be pretty good. That is, until they "upgraded" it.

It used to show the results for numbers games a month at a time.

Now it shows ten days at a time and you have to keep clicking the next arrow at the bottom of the screen to advance to the next ten.

I play Quick Draw, which is NYL's keno based game. It would allow you to input your numbers at the top and the "hits" would be blue boxes.

Now, the place where you input your numbers works sometimes and doesn't other times. Also, it shows only ten draws at a time (there are about 300 draws per day) and you have to keep hitting the next screen button until you find the games you want to view. Plus, it there were no hits in a game, it just doesn't show that draw.

Plain and simple, it's a freaking mess compared to before the upgrade. 

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Sounds pretty similar to the Illinois website. The old website was just fine, then the new company running the lottery came along and did their upgrade. Now it's a disaster and I rarely use it anymore.

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Nevada Lottery Hit With Stick

Closely followed by Hawaii. Sleep

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Drum  Rim shot. Green laugh

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I thought NV didn't have a State Lottery...!!

The Casinos didn't want the competition...!!Boxing

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Apparently you can't tell when someone is being funny.


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Good one!

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CAlottery is off the rails.Stop

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It went to <self-snipped> after they appointed a new director. No downloadable draw data, no list of scratchers prizes except the top prize. They even took off the map that let you search for retailers.

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I think vtburkie is trying to tell us it's Indiana.

Sounds like  TheMeatman200 and Rannett both described Illinois also.

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In response to JKING

From vtburke's op:

Hint, it's in the Midwest

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