System for Lottery Workout Lovers

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For all Workout lovers across the country: 

You can find some of the common workouts automatically generated after each draw everyday using the latest winning number for both Pick 3 and Pick 4 daily games.

It also provides list of all possible touching combinations surrounding the main highlighted digits for each workout, simply by clicking on the Workout Name. 

Additional workouts can be added on request basis - either for all states or for a particular state of your choice.


Good Luck Everyone.


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Very nice workouts.

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In response to lakerben

Thanks. Glad you like it.

If there are some more meaningful workouts which can help other members, please feel free to share so we can automate those also for everyone's benefit.

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In response to witty

Great work automating common workouts that would otherwise be done by pen & paper. Hooray, some trees saved.

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In response to cddvd

Yeah. Plan is to go green in lottery world also like everywhere else. 

We still have so many paper printing in state lotteries. Hopefully one day they all will plan to go green also and save the trees


Thank you for your generosity in sharing. Getting ready to check it outBanana


pa eve 874 st



It looks awesome, but how often is it updated?? I want to test it out for night draw in Georgia and the number already came out at 7pm

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In response to Running water

It is updated every hour. For GA Evening 7 PM draw, the result should get updated by 8 PM for sure and you should still get time for GA night draw.

Currently results are getting updated every hour of the clock. So in worst case scenario, you should still get results in 2 hours max.

FYI - The GA Evening for today was updated by 8:05 PM. 

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In response to PATT

Good to know it worked for you in PA. Congratulations.

I see you got PA Straight from 1/13 PA Eve (772) under Predictions. [Eve to Eve strategy worked for PA] 

Please note some states work from DAY to DAY , EVE to EVE however some states go DRAW to DRAW.

So always study your state and apply the right numbers/workouts .


This is awesome! Thank you #TheAlchemist!


Thanks for this really helpful in nc just looking at day to day or draw to draw thanks alot

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In response to PNKButterfly

Thanks @PNKButterFly. Hopefully it will be helpful for you Smile

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In response to Moneyfreedom

Good Luck.

Please share your findings of day-to-day / eve-to-eve/ draw-to-draw findings to others also, so everyone can benefit and we all can win BIG together.

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All - 

A new ALL STATE workout (a.k.a pyramid) has been added. This workout is purely based on Today's Date.

It also has the Daily Winning Number Tracker for both Pick 3 and Pick 4. 

System simply scans the winning numbers across all states for same day and If any of those numbers came from Pyramid touching combinations around highlighted digits, it adds that stat and winning number in the list.

To find all possible combinations from the workout, you can click the appropriate Pick 3 or Pick 4 Combinations link.

You can see today itself, almost 25+ Pick3 and 18+ Pick4 combinations were from this pyramid workout.

The new Pyramid will be generated everyday at 2:30 AM EST and it will reset all prevous tracking stats.


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