I just became a Platinum Member here and have 2 questions.


This is my first post here and I am a rookie big time, still learning slowly but surely

I have 2 questions for the expert here at lottery post.

Question#1  Does anybody here have Expert Lotto 5, Expert Lotto 5 does not come with any wheels?

Question#2  Would someone here help the rookie out on how to make/Create lotto wheels and import them into Expert Lotto 5?

Thank you in advance for your kindness and time for showing me on how to create lotto wheels, start with pick6.

happy new year to all of you.

Thank you

Bran keo

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Welcome to LP. I purchased a platinum membership for a month last year to get some wheels. All the pick 6 wheels are here . You can choose which numbers to wheel, but you can't choose the X, Y, and Z of the "X if Y of Z" guarantee. If you need more customization you can get a program like Covermaster that lets you choose the X Y and Z.

I am not familiar with Expert Lotto 5, but the wheels pages here let you choose the output format. You can select to have them separated by commas to make a csv file, which is pretty standard.


I have almost 200 Views and only one respond, wow

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In response to brankeo

I guess they just were just wanting to know what your questions were since you said you were a platinum

member and when most read it they did not know how to answer it like me!What?

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In response to brankeo

Thank you cottoneyedjoe, Vergie6 and Raven62 for your respond and your time, that was part of reason why I am still a rookie and remain a rookie LOL.

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In response to brankeo

In addition you can view previous discussions (LP Archive) on LP:


Thank you again Raven62 for addition information, that right there will guide me in the right direction and give more stuffs to read

if you think of anything else that would help me, please post the link for me and hope you have a great day.

Bran keo

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