who wants to be a Millionaire I DO

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I want to be a MILLIONAIRE to help people!!!

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msmillionaire,  I have never been a millionaire before. Please return after you win a million and let us know how it feels to be one.

  Helping people is a noble goal. Is there a right way and a wrong way to help another person? Do you have any experience in this line of work? 

 Beware of scams and scammers.

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Confused Britney gifs help me when words fail.

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You don't need to be a millionaire to help people. 

If you wanted to help people, you'd already be doing it with what resources you could spare. Giving people your TIME is the best help. Volunteer at a hospital or nursing home. School crossing guard.

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The socbot responds...

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Very nice sentiment on your part.  To actually do that, you'll need some help yourself, but unfortunately you'll have to pay for that help!

Should you win millions of dollars by playing the lottery, you'll need the help of something called a Personal Wealth Manager which is more often than not a team of financial professionals as opposed to one person that the title "Personal Wealth Manager" imply's.  A Private Equity firm would have something called a "Multiple Family Office" that will have someone on their team of financial pros that would help you with charitable giving - for a price. 

As crazy as this may sound, it isn't easy to give away a million bucks!  For it to be done correctly, giving away a million dollars is harder to do than most people realize. There are tax considerations and all that good stuff involved.  Sorry if I rained on your parade, but because most people don't have a million dollars to give away, they've no idea what's actually involved with doing it. I've never given away a million dollars because I don't even have one million! What I do have, is a son who is employed by a major Wall Street Investment Bank located in New York City. My son is on a team of advisers that works with High Net Worth Individuals. (HNWI's have 5 million dollars and up to invest) He and I have had some interesting discussions about the decisions very wealthy people have to make when it comes to managing their money. Wish I had their problem.... G5 

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If all you want to do is give it away, it really is quite simple. Get the money, pay the required taxes on the income, give the rest wherever. It only gets complicated if you want to reap personal benefits like tax deductions.

Note that "give away" and "invest" are NOT the same thing.

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"Note that "give away" and "invest" are NOT the same thing."

So we can assume that you didn't invest in anything Bernie Madoff was offering?

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Agreed, it's definitely possible to give away a million dollars in the manner you suggested. There's the right way to do it, and there's the wrong way to do it. IMHO the way you suggest it can be done is a recipe for disaster.

Wealthy people that have the means to give away millions of dollars want the money to do the most good for the most people. That's just one reason why they do it like they do. And of course they want the tax deduction benefits. 

They also fully understand that giving away millions willy nilly is a sure fire method to giving money to someone who really shouldn't be a recipient of it. How many times have we read posts here at The LP where the poster warns everyone to watch out for all the people that are going to come out of the woodwork and descend upon a big lottery prize winner looking for a handout?   G5

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THANK you all !!!!Blue AngelParty for good  and critical  advice , i were just thinking  out loud!!!!i am always helping people,  i already visit nursing homes, Hospitals  and already have a Hospitality Program that feed and helps Homeless Angels, i will be a Millionaire and i will continue to help others i will built  a Hotel for only Homeless people to live , but i will help them through God  by have them to get their needs  met through working or going back to school!!!!they are homeless but not helpless!!!Sun SmileyUS Flag i am waiting on more responses!!!!!keep them going good people!!!!


Similar is actually a dream of mine. To build apartments for single mothers, people that have lost it all by events out of their control. Give them the work opportunities around the apartments like baby sitting while the others worked. Let them live there freely to get them on their feet and get paid for what they do. Sometimes people just need a helping hand for a small amount of time. A few words of encouragement to build them up. Start up a business where they could work and still get paid along with the free rent and utilities. It's kind of hard to do stuff like this these days with all the stupid drugs out there though. There would be none of that and drug testing would be a necessity. There are unfortunately some people out there that you just can't help. Just the way it is. I don't tolerate drugs at all. Some do want help out of it and a good life, but there are, and always have been some that really could care less. Doesn't mean they don't need the opportunity. Or deserve it. You can only do so much though. And most people don't change. You can't help someone that don't want to change. Just have to look at Jesus and what He done to know that. God above does amazing wonders everyday, and it goes un-noticed and uncared for by so many.

I'm already working on the process of the businesses that would need workers. Prototypes and the likes. A win would allow me the money to get all that going. I would have enough to live on through what was won, have the businesses to help pay for the work done and keep the bills paid for the apartments. I don't require much to live myself. I know pretty much what it takes for me to not do without. Plus I have the ability to not worry if I have to do without. I can do without much easier than I can be taken advantage of. Pretty much raising myself since 11, I know what it takes to make it and survive. I also know how people are and there are some out there, you just can't do anything for. Some you can't help. Anything one does though, there would have to be no drug use allowed and testing would have to be done. 2 or 3 infractions, that person would have to get help or leave. You CAN NOT talk to someone who is not thinking correctly. And there is no one that is thinking correctly on any of that mess.

It really is a sticky situation with ideas like these. You really have no idea what you can get into. Especially these days. Someone has to do it though. Somewhere. Most don't really know just how bad it is out there. Most are just too consumed by their own lives to either see it or do anything about it. Some don't care. Some won't out of fear that it would cost them all their money or even their life. I loathe what money means these days. Haven't been scared of death since at least the age of 12 that I know for a fact that I wasn't. Probably prayed for it more nights than most could imagine. Can only thank God that it hasn't happened and I'm still here to be able to try. And it's all up to Him what I or any of us really achieve. Sorry, I just tell it like it is with me and the way I see and have seen it. So until I'm called home, I'll be working on making something happen.

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You are exactly right. Exactly. Money comes and goes like the wind. That's how trivial money is these days. It seems to be the most important thing on a lot of people's minds. Getting as much of it as possible and as easy as possible. Problem is the ones that are getting it easy and have tons of it, could care less about helping someone else. Take a many a youtube star for example for that. A lot are too worried about their kid/s having that $1,200.00 new I phone and are working themselves to death to make sure they have it. They don't have the time because society tells them they have to get this for their kids so they will be liked. Or they are working themselves to death just to keep up with the Joneses because that's what society is telling everyone these days. So, they don't have time. Others are working themselves to death just to keep a roof over their heads. While we all have the same amount of hours in the day, some just do not have time. Or the energy. It is bad out there people. Most don't see just how bad it is, and it's only getting worse for whatever reason. They don't see because they don't take the time out of all the stupid stuff that society is telling them how to live and what they need to SPEND their money on. Not saying you at all, because your reply is simply the truth. That's the way it's supposed to be. We are simply in the "Me me me" generation for the most part. That and all the drug problem that is out there is destroying anything and everything in it's path. The me me me problem is causing extra work, extra stress, extra effort on most of the ones that would be able to get out and do. People on drugs is in that same category. Anyone that does not know just how bad the drug problem is out there, well, it's terrible. If there is a family one out there that does not have at least someone that either is on that meth mess or opiods, it would surprise me. I know that everywhere around here alone it is so bad that there is drones flying day and night all over watching for these people. I know some people in the police department and have talked to some of them, and the arrests daily is just growing. One person on drugs in a family alone causes so much stress, time involved, money spent for most of the family, their time is spent on that one person. It's not the same world it was even ten years ago. Definitely not 20 or 30 years ago.

Their will come a time though when everyone is shown what really matters. It is the simple things like you speak of.

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