Is 935K jackpot record for CA Fantasy 5?

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Been playing this 5/39 game for awhile now.  Haven't seen it as high as it right now at $935,000 dollars.  Gonna grab extra line of numbers for this one.   Is this a record jackpot for this game?

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Modesto, CA needs a win. I hope that it is you.   Have you searched for the answer to your question here on LP?  If so than google it.

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Is is the record for the game.  You know how I know that?  It's right on the California Fantasy 5 Jackpot History page!

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NJ Cash 5 Largest Jackpot=$1.96 Million On April 22, 2013!Thumbs Up

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Good Luck!!!! I'm excited the fantasy 5 is at a record high!!!! I'm buying extra tickets tonight I used a pyramid strategy that's on another state forum it's been hitting close for me lately. Good luck everyone

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