What's a good rule of thumb on proper bankroll, particularly for a pick-4 game where minimum bet is $0.50. As a fan of blackjack there was always lots of talk on bankroll management so I'd love to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

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Never bet more then you can afford to lose.

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I don't think Pick 4 is comparable to casino games that depend on both skill and luck. Since the expected return from lottery games is much lower than any casino game, it's best not to spend too much. If you were of a mind to put down a couple hundred on Pick 4, you'd be better off taking that money to a slot machine.

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With Pick 3 & Pick 4, I believe the single most important thing when bankrolling is making sure that you have covered enough combos so that you have no choice but to hit, at some point, *before that bankroll is depleted. That is key because it keeps you in the game by keeping your initial up front money in your pocket. When you don't hit within a certain amount of plays, that money's gone and you're opening your wallet again to front more money. *Quality of combos goes hand in hand with total combos, okay. With Black Jack, you cannot cover enough bases, so to speak, to ensure a win. You're at the mercy of what's in the deck, what the dealers throws out, and what you get when you request a hit. With the Pick games, specific things must absolutely happen that you can see before hand and reasonably control.  Illustration based on Pick 3:


Total Cost Per Play @ .50/number = $10

Total Number Of Desired Plays = (10)

Total Cost For (10) Plays Duration = $100


This, of course, means that you must hit at least box for a $40 payout on your 4th play, maximum, because anything beyond  that will require more than a $40 box hit and could become more difficult. *Every time you do not hit, to a certain point, it means that the 'quality' requirement of the hit becomes greater and greater just to recover money, break even, or turn a profit. If you go dry for (8) plays, it means that on that 9th play you'll require a straight hit or a multiple combination of box with pairs just to win enough to cover the current $90 deficit for (9) plays and zero hits. Make sense? This is all about numbers and only numbers. Math plays a paramount roll in accomplishing such a feat....and is well worth it. Good luck! 

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Not a "rule of thumb", but I play $3 straight and $3 boxed on double digit combo for no more than five drawings. Been a few years since I caught a straight hit, but a couple $1200 wins keeps you in the game for years. The key is not making large bets every drawing or you'll need big hit to break even.

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