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I live in Indiana and my state lottery has a nice website and app which does great things, but why or why does it not allow online ticket sales on their website! Kentucky does! my sister lives in Kentucky and she never has to go out and buy her tickets. what would be a reason for a state to not offer such a option. I play in a syndicate that allows me to buy tickets online, so guess i have had a taste of the convienence of doing so, but bitter i can't buy my own personal tickets likewise on my states lottery website, especially since other states do this, but not mine....why??

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IMO, eventually every lottery will offer online sales including the daily pick-3 and pick-4 games, but currently some states are having problems passing legislation. Probably because some people are saying adding online sales promote more problem gamblers. Kentucky has offered online off track betting for years and with all the casinos and race tracks in Indiana, there is no logical reason to not have online lottery wagering.

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I can just hear the powers that be now carrying on about problem gamblers....don't they realize if someone's gonna gamble their going to drive down the street to the gas station and buy tickets. It doesn't matter where they get them their gonna get them whether online or local gas station. Why does everyone else have to suffer because some people are not responsible and get themselves into messes. I think the powers that be need to stop trying to control peoples decisions and let them live with the consequences. Just like freaking Bush passing law years ago about online gambling...if i wanna play online casinos why can't i it's my money Bush!! just shakes head


Each state lottery is run separately and independent of other states. One element of why retailers sell lottery products is to draw you into the store. They only make about 5% commission on lottery sales and there can also be ongoing fees to be a retailer. Maybe they'll get a commission on a big win sold there.

So some lotteries may want to keep it in stores to give the retailers foot traffic which is what the retailers want. Most people go to a grocery store or fuel station so it's in front of them regularly that way.

If a state has healthy lottery sales already without online sales they may not see the need to start online sales.

I think it also has to be passed into law which means it has to be made law by the legislature.

What I found is only six states currently offer online lottery sales: Georgia. Kentucky. Illinois. Michigan. Minnesota. New Hampshire.

Also just thought of this, online sales only applies to draw games. If someone isn't going out to buy draw game tickets and instead buys them online, that means they may not buy scratch tickets also.

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very good points i never considered!! thanks for sharing


well someone hit MM tonight and it wasn't me!! darn it. Hoosier lottery website just crashed too

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There was no jackpot winner in the Tuesday, December 31, 2019 Mega Millions drawing, but 1 lucky player from New York matched the first 5 numbers for a $1,000,000 prize.

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Yea.. Candlelight777...I played that draw too,.. and as usual, someone wins elsewhere...!!

Online tickets are expensive...!!.. I'd rather drive to a Store... pick different locations...incognito..!  LOL

Been watching Georgia's "Jumbo Bucks Lotto"...notice how there's always consecutive numbers... they're trying to keep their ole "1digit away disease" alive..

Thats NOT how "random" events behave naturally, occurring so frequently...!!

They're preparing for my next assault on it.. LOL... Ooohhh, I got numerical weapons for them... and they know it...!!


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Every state lottery that doesn't offer online sales wishes they could. But they can't because they are blocked by state laws and state legislators who dont act in the best interests of players. There are a lot of groups that lobby hard against online sales: brick and mortar retailers, casinos, anti-gambling wingnuts. If these lobbies are strong in your state, you're probably going to have to wait a loooong time before online sales happen. All you can do is call or write your representatives.

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LOL... That's because you're 50 yrs ahead of most people in your an Aquarian, you love your personal freedom..!!.

Most Politicians are left -brained people , victims of Traditional thinking.... by the time most catch up to your advanced thinking... you'll be onto something 50 yrs ahead of that...!!

Aye, I feel ya... trust me...!!


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"Indiana Administrative Code organizes the regulations developed by the various Indiana state agencies who implement the specific provisions of laws enacted by the State Legislature. Title 65of the Indiana Administrative Code adopted by the Hoosier Lottery and lays out specific provisions which governs how the Hoosier Lottery operates."

seems it is highly regulated to play there, however there are some cool options & promos you can get from Hoosier Lottery on their site, which even the online providers (where you would be in a grey zone) do not offer:


Enter eligible non-winning tickets into my2ndChance promotions for a chance to win prizes.

Birthday Coupon

Receive a birthday coupon during your birthday month when you sign up for myLOTTERY.

Exclusive Promotions

Enter special promotions from the Hoosier Lottery for a chance to win prizes.

If I am from Indiana like you, I would try to register and better stick to those...

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