2019 and no Billion Dollar PB or MM Jackpot.

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Since the 100% increase in the PB & MM to $2.00 per play, it seems cutting in half lottery player's buying power has not built up the massive jackpots this year.

Powerball's last Billion Dollar Jackpot was in Jan of 2016 & Mega Millions' last Billion Dollar Jackpot was in Oct of 2018.

That also goes along with those mediocre lower tier payouts.

We're glad we avoided the PB and MM this year.

Maybe if there was a Big B in 2020, we'd consider it.

Good Luck

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No jackpot will hit the Billion this year, IMHO. While that $2 figure was a bitter pill to swallow, time seems to somewhat heal that wound(to the wallet). 

Good luck to you and all LP members this year.

PS.... I did buy 1 $20 scratcher yesterday, against my better judgement..... Low and behold, I hit for a $100.

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🤨anything is possible for 2020

but I wouldn't hold my breath 4 such a cash kitty 

best of luck to all in 2020

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Being the spiteful, little turd we are, we voted yes to po the lottery gods.

Maybe that will get the old jackpot up Beyond the Billion Dollar Mark.



Maybe if they merge into one with odds near 1:500 million?

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In response to GoogilyMoogily


Hmm, we thinks, per chance, we sense something we've seen in the quantum fog.

Lots going on beyond you and me, a merger may be coming, wouldn't you agree?

Merry New Year Everyone!


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