Christmas tradition for me & the Mrs

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So....... Every year for the last 7 years at Christmas time I purchase a book of Scratch-off tickets. This year was no different. Except I decided this year to purchase the $5 denomination of game #843($250,000 BONUS). Here in the great state of Tennessee a book of scratchers costs $300. Doesn't matter if you purchase a book of $1(300 tickets) or $30(10 tickets), it comes out to $300....
Well........The Mrs and I just finished up conducting our yearly ritual and per the norm,the Mrs makes some claim that she won a $100 on 1 of her tickets... Being most curious I take a look at her "alleged" claim of a nice lil tidy sum.

Should you take notice of this particular ticket,you will see up at the top, there are 3 "Bonus spots" that you can scratch. Only way to win is  to have either a $25 or $50 or $100 surrounded by a sunburst behind that particular dollar figure......The Mrs sees 3 $100 dollar figures(not in a sunburst) and thinks she has won that amount Green laugh.........So I am smirking,knowing this is far from a winner. She is looking at me with that look that we males get from time to time( You married guys know exactly what that look is) when we know something is completely wrong and want to laugh but we better not...........I show her that her $100 winner isn't one and tell her "nice try though" so at least she is laughing about it. I then ask her to count up the # of winning tickets and what the dollar total is.....She comes up with 11 tickets and a $155... As I am writing this story, I find we have more winning tickets and less total money. Yes Nod sum up our experience;

60 tickets at $5 each = $300....47 losing tickets....6 winners with "TICKET"($5 each) for $30, 1 $5 winner, 4 $10 winning tickets for $40, 1 $20 winning ticket and 1 $30 winning ticket. 

13 winning tickets for $125

My wife's math skills and our enjoyment in this annual Christmas scratch-off ritual........Absolutely priceless

Merry Christmas everyone from my family to yours Noel

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In response to CDanaT

That sounds like fun, Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs. Noel


Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing it.  In any of the years you have done it have you come out ahead? 

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Thanks for the smile.  Better Luck next Holiday Season!  Year 8

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Not a bad haul. Hope you scratch the big one next year!

Smiley Santa

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This year  I bought my wife a 2018 Chevy Equniox, used but very nice.

She's lovin' it.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Love You All.

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

In all honesty DEL, I think there was 1 year we did come out either 25 or 50 ahead. Normally,we do not come out ahead. It's more of an entertainment tradition(especially with the Mrs math skills) Big Smile

In response to CDanaT

I hear ya! I have been after 1225 in Maryland & Delaware this December.  I do that often in December and I think I have hit once or twice out like 10 years or something like that.  Just FUN to play.  Also fun to try to get the numbers as you have to play WAY AHEAD of time to get them.

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Nice story. My wife usually buys scratchers for me and our kids also. I rarely play them during the year. Maybe I should....might have better luck.

Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs!!!

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I hope we all win the money we need!Noel

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Great Story except for the ending. Big Grin Santa

Looking to buy a book(5=300,

10=500, 20=600, 30=900)after my House 

Registers as Sold!  Group Hug

Gg~Keep the Peace and Happy Holidays!

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