This year, so far, I've spent a couple grand and only got about $6 in returns.

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For the whole year, I've spent a couple grand (maybe 3k) and only received about 6 to 8 bucks back.
And that's just this year. When am I going to win something significant?

My wish to move to Malibu has not changed.  Neither has my wish to donate to St. Judes and Shriners,
and to the Galen conjoined twins in Ohio. Those are conjoined twins in their 50s.   What if one of them dies?

What will they do?  Will the surviving one just put a paper bag over the head of the deceased?

Then, a Porsche for me would be nice.

Mr. Groppo

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$6 can buy you a poster of the beach to tape to your window. As for charity, if you want to donate, then donate. You don't have to wait for a jackpot win.

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What the old saying  " A Fool and his money  soon parted ! " . Lottery players usually play every game they can. They're  afraid to miss any drawing for fear of their numbers would be drawn when they have no ticket. This is why almost all lottery players lose. 

Most lotter methods/systems  have the same flaw .. they try to play every game regardless of the player's advantage or disadvantage.  All games that involve even the slightest degree of random movement have periods of time when certain events or results are more likely or less likely to occur .

You must consider all your Lottery plays  as investment !

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Yes, I play as if it's an investment.
I'm sure most players on this site do.

Well, I'm now all stocked up again for this week's draws.
Should I win this coming Sunday (22nd), I'll likely forget about posting anything here.

Mr. Groppo



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I do, and have donated to many organizations. Even to Shriners and St. Judes, in fact. But budget
doesn't allow it as much as it once did.

That's why I'd've thought the thing about having a jackpot is obvious.

Mr. Groppo

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Playing the Lottery:

It's a Big Numbers Game with a Big Number of Combinations!


"I play as if it's an investment."

So you've invested about $3000 and have an investment that's worth about $6? Maybe you should find a better investment.

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In response to Groppo

Roll Eyes Ok Groppo, hope you have better luck in 2020.

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In response to Groppo

You must be a lot wealthier than you let on if you spent $3k on the lottery.  Even slots pay out better. I agree with KY Floyd, it's not investing and I doubt most players here think of it that way either.

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Thats not a good return this yr.

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